Christmas fancy dress

In this article we consider the unusual Christmas fancy dress, very relevant for the coming New Year 2012 celebration.World designers believe that on New Year's outfit can be as bright and subdued, or outrageous.Sure girl has chosen outfits with all the rules will be able to properly and fully prepared to meet in 2012.Of course, you can choose from a variety of dress lace dresses or dresses of fur, decorating them with all sorts of accessories, including actual New Year colors of clothing.Or simply resorting to a little trick to turn ordinary outfits available in custom trendy outfits for this New Year.

in restrained tones .Although many people think that dress to match the walls - it's quite boring, we can say that this is just a stereotype.According to confirmed data collection has become one view Izet.This collection of almost all outfits were made in restrained colors such as beige, brown and black.They contain not only the elegance and pomp, in the end it was possible to observe the resulting ima

ge of the inmates bohemia.From the collection of a model for the New Year's outfit, especially for corporate, can become a black dress, very short in length and with a three-quarter sleeves.

The fact hat .Especially pay attention to those around you can use well-chosen accessories.New fashionable images to the same non-standard can be created using normal hats.Relevant be considered suede, cashmere and mohair cap, which can be decorated like feathers and leather straps, and original drawings.Colors such caps may be the boldest designers on this subject is not stingy.The most unusual Christmas hat orders are saturated, it can be said of acid colors, these include crimson, green and purple hues.The most popular are Christmas fancy hats with very small circular fields, as well as a round pot.But do not discount the gangster hats.If you wish to diversify gangster theme can decorate a hat with a feather, which in turn will be more visible, the better will be the image of its owner.

daring style .At the root of such a high-fashion style grunge was more Marc Jacobs, who was famous for his first such collection in the early years of the last century.The gist of it was a certain pathos and ridiculing bourgeois bohemian world.It was an almost entire anti-culture.And the more absurd to be chosen outfit, the more urgent and fashion it will be this New Year's Eve.Thus, you will be able to stick to its bold style.An example might be the next outfit, consisting of a thin dress, you can even flowered hats and colorful fur, adding to the image of armlets.Although by most accounts a grunge style should be attributed to youth, it does not mean that adults can not afford it.After using such clothes can be liberated and just forget about the position occupied by his society.

image French .Mistake many women is the fact of a resident of Paris, that the representatives of the French prefer transparent clothes in which she will be a very attractive and seductive lady.After all, the majority of them actually prefer very comfortable, comfortable clothes even for the holiday release.The maximum that can go on a French lady so it's outfit consisting of not short (knee) thin skirt, stamp, slightly emphasizing her breasts and flat shoes.Most of you this may seem rather boring and mundane outfit.But there are men find it very brave.Such clothing is able to down-emphasize, in their opinion, the youth and the ease of women's behavior.For not quite bold girls you can borrow a certain image, which consists of a thin translucent dress that reaches to mid-calf and soft suede boots.

Open back .Sure, most people have formed a romantic and elegant image with a dress with an open back.Come to us since 60 - ies a similar dress and did not imply that even if there were already quite bold along with baring beautiful feminine curves.This dress, which took the shape of a trapezoid and reached up to the knees, from the back took a little ridiculous image skirt with suspenders.In those days, very dominated by geometric shapes.And some designers have managed to take its inspiration from the theme of space.This theme was taken more than once in the attention of many designers.For yourself, you can take out the time now is very topical along with the predominant shades of orange, lemon, red and blue.In particular, this dress is best to choose a very thin and mini lengths.

glamorous image. word glamor has become very popular right now, what it is not only credited.Although at such an interesting word has its own unique story.Its existence began to emerge in the 20 - ies of the last century.That luxury, which came out of the cinema, and is called glamor.Very glamorous and Christmas outfits are those that consist of evening silk dress that fell in an easy, relaxed waves and of course expensive jewelry.Even the simplest of outfits can be glazed by applying sequins, feathers, fur, deep cut on his leg.

Southern Star. girl who carefully prepared for the New Year with the help of a change of hair color, or tanning, it may be advisable to choose the clothes with warm colors.Mother of the New Year's dress can be not only whites but apricot, copper, black with gold sequined color.They are able to more clearly emphasize the tan.To dress does not seem too solemn, should choose dresses with a simple cut, but expensive cloth.Unusual and original styles can be in the form of dress gown, whose deep V-neck and the sleeves to the elbow.

Become the most fashionable and elegant at the New Year celebrations.

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