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Features of development of your child

During this period pipsqueak learning stare at bright objects, follows the moving toy, and later trying to hold things.To consolidate these abilities ideal single-colored (preferably red, blue or green) on a thin rattle the handle, easy and safe.Also useful rotating toy - Mobil (bright, big, are not multi-colored, with a soft melodic sounds), which can be hung over the crib.Based on what the development of the crumbs will learn in the article entitled "Features of development of your child."

Kid is now able to move toy from one hand to another, to approach her to him and capture his mouth.For the development of tactile sensations it is useful to get acquainted with a variety of materials (smooth, rough, soft, solid).Suggest crumbs toys on this principle.The closer to approaching the child six months old, the more properties of objects become available understanding of the baby.Therefore, surround it with different properties of objects and explain their features.For example, the ball is rolling, gel ba

ll "sticks" to the ceiling, children's hammer knocks, etc.And remember that the repetition - the mother of learning.Growing up, the baby learns to roll over, sit, crawl.Did you try using his favorite toy to maintain his desire for a new attempt.And with the first build on the success complicates the problem, for example, developing the ability to unfold in front of barriers made of pillows.

Development independence leads to a desire to make sounds.Research scientists proved that at this age the baby is formed by so-called "The trace memory" that is, the ability to calculate the trajectory of objects on the basis of previous experience.That's why there is an overwhelming desire crumbs all throw, throw and throw.Now, at the disposal of the young experimenter should be all kinds of unbreakable objects of different properties and sizes (light scarves, heavy apples, springy balls, rattles resounding "unpredictable" pieces of paper).Finally, in this age, it is time to buy books with crumbs national folklore.Fun and educational songs, nursery rhymes chubby little boy talk about how great it is - to wash, dress, run and dance.The first book to be solid and colorful.

When a baby is watching certain acts or looks at objects in his brain fixed-name concept.So at every opportunity your child explains in accessible language, the name of this or that toy (cat - meow dog - bow-wow, the machine - BBC).It is already possible to stimulate the child's play activities, offering it to open, disassemble, or look inside the toy (eg, consisting of a few large pieces).Who it is beneficial to offer the child the toy items like these - Doll Strollers, utensils, car and show him how to handle them.Now we know what a variety there are features of the development of your child.

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