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A walk with a baby in winter

Many children can not tolerate the strong wind, fog, frost, so with the onset of cold weather, some mothers have sharply reduced the walks, for fear of colds.But even in autumn and winter walk can be useful and enjoyable for the child, if properly prepare for it.Walk with a small child in the winter is not only useful, but also important.

minutes or hours?

According to pediatricians, if the window is above + 10 ° C, the child can spend on fresh air for up to four hours a day.If the temperature is between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius, stay on the street with a child should be reduced to an hour and a half.If the thermometer from 0 to -5 C, a walk with the baby the first few months of life is not worth it.With a child 6-12 months you can walk down to -10 C. Sleep outdoors, of course, favorable for the child, but only under the condition that the baby is dressed warmer than for active walks.Children older than one year movement only benefit - it accelerates the blood and improves heat transfer.Therefore, i

f the child is active, you can extend the walk.

Choosing Closet

Fearing hypothermia, some mothers carefully wrapped the baby in layers of clothing.This is the wrong approach: Clothing constrains movement, the child is not hardened and can overheat.He begins to sweat, supercooled - hook, and close to the cold.It is desirable that during the cold season, all the baby clothes consisted of three layers: underwear - for the comfort of one layer of warm clothes - Warming, outerwear - to retain heat and protect against wind, moisture.For children who walk in the stroller, you need a fourth layer of clothing - a blanket.For the best choice of linen - cotton fabrics, for a basic costume - fur.Coat, buy in season and according to age baby - it can be insulated with synthetic padding or natural fibers suit, suit or envelope Things intended for cold, should not be too loose (with plenty of authentic and width).Wear baby warmer than the dress yourself, but no more than one elephant.

most important thing

In cold weather, the requirements for children's bag, which my mother takes a stroll pas vary.It is necessary not only to take a baby food, but also to keep it warm.All drinks for children in the autumn and winter should be stored in the Thermos bottles or containers.Particularly useful in this regard, bags, equipped with thermal insulation department.Termochashki-sippy cups support the initial temperature of the drink, so the longer retain the quality of children's food, even in the cold.At termochashka and ThermaBag be for a few hours to maintain the temperature of baby food at a reasonable level.Autumn breast feed the baby on the street - difficult and not always safe for the health of mothers task.Continue breast feeding without interrupting the walk, you can, if you express milk in advance, put it in a bottle or sealed container and take a walk in the Thermos.It is particularly convenient if the design allows breast pump to express milk directly into the bottle - this saves time charges for a walk and reduces the chance of bacteria getting into the milk.Similarly, it should be stored foods and dishes - mashed potatoes, juice, Sealed Containers Thermos and clean spoon - essential things, if you decide to have a picnic in the autumn with a baby in nature.At temperatures below zero to feed the baby on the street is undesirable: while sucking it breathes actively, and the air does not have time to warm up.

walking or not walking?

disease with high fever - a contraindication for any outing.Heavy rain, wind, snow, and other seasonal disorders may temporarily postpone the outing.Do not go out in the cold season on the street with the baby immediately after vaccination or other medical procedures.

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