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How to keep hair shine

How to keep hair shine?

choice of means

radiance of hair can be achieved through integrated care.When choosing products for hair, you need to focus, what your hair type.Dry hair requires moisturizing.If the hair overdried ironing, curling irons, hair dryer, after staining or perm, it will need restoration.Give hair shine - jojoba oil, soy proteins, rosemary, chamomile.And if there is substance in the preparations for the care and shampoo is a big plus.

Cleaning and nutrition

cool finish washing your hair rinse.This will add extra shine to hair and increase blood circulation and strengthen the hair roots.Well-chosen mask and air conditioning will be able to align the structure of your hair.Without them, can not shine.Air conditioners work only on the surface of the hair, they close the keratin scales, facilitate combing and soften.Masks also penetrate deeper and work where there are damaged areas of the hair.


not use styling products, which have silicone.If high quality silicone,

you will get a good result, but always using this tool, you become a "hammer" the hair, thereby depriving them of their elasticity and strength.Only robust cosmetics will not harm your hair.Prefer professional products and match them with a hairdresser.For hair shine essential drugs will sprays, gels, serums.They will have a conditioning effect and provide hair a dazzling shine.

way to get that hair shone, with the help of professional treatments:


This procedure without using ammonia dyes, they do not have moisturizing ingredients.they work on the surface of the hair, enhance brightness, depth and color do not change drastically.The effect of the procedure lasts 5 weeks.In order to prolong the effect you want to use shampoos and conditioners to maintain color.


For extra shine using modern colors, they give a deep rich color and do not cause much harm to the hair.We are not talking about lightening hair.Staining allows a woman to change dramatically and gives her a few months shiny effect.


on the hair applied a transparent protective and therapeutic cosmetic composition.This allows you to align the structure of the hair, gives shine to hair and 10% increases the volume of hair.This procedure must be done before the release, then the hair will not be afraid of the sea water and the sun.The effect is maintained for 6 weeks.This procedure can be done after coloring, perm.

Professional hair mask

Masks restore the structure of damaged hair, the natural moisture balance, nourish the skin and restore the hair and provide deep hydration.Modern masks contains filter, it protects the hair in contact with sea water, while in the sun.Vitamin complexes and plant extracts give hair elasticity and flexibility.A beeswax gives shine to hair.Masks with conditioning effect facilitate combing tangles and thin hair.The effect persists for 4 weeks.

to multiply and keep shine follow simple rules:

  • After washing your hair, use balms and air conditioning.If your hair is thin, the air conditioner will make heavier them, then do not apply the remedy to all the hair, but only on the ends and in the middle of them.Make a hair mask once a week.
  • hair like the cold, but not hot temperatures and heat.When washing hair rinse them with cool water and dry with a hair dryer set to cool or warm air.
  • brush with natural bristles make your hair shiny, it cleanse the hair from the skin flakes, varnish, dirt and dust.
  • Use serums and sprays rinse aid, only a few drops to shine not turned into untidy greasiness.

Save shine possible, to use these tips.

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