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The bad hairspray

negative impact of hairspray on the scalp and hair

Hairspray, as well as any chemical is harmful to hair and scalp.The greatest harm caused varnishes, as part of which is alcohol.This is especially true of women who use it daily.This is because alcohol facilitates drying of the scalp and hair.This hair break, whipped and fall.Hair gradually become dull, lose their luster, seemingly just look lifeless.

Harmful varnish and the fact that it clogs the pores of the scalp, stripping the skin of opportunity to "breathe."When plugging microscopic pores, the penetration of moisture in the deeper layers of the skin and the hair is simply impossible.Of course, it causes great damage to the structure of the hair.Despite the fact that nowadays there are paints that instead of alcohol contain various natural ingredients, the frequent use of these funds is also not desirable.In addition they contain natural components and other harmful chemicals.In addition, any hair spray makes the hair stiff gluing them.

Many manufacturers varnishes argue that they cover the hair and wrap it to protect them from the external environment.In fact, hair, nail exposed to the freezing cold become "brittle icicles", that breaks the hair shaft.It is very important after using hair spray to wash your hair before going to bed, while its negative impact will be much less.You can also bedtime them neatly combed.This helps to remove the lacquer film formed on the hair.

than harm to human health hairspray

Even the best lacquer, whatever its composition, is harmful to the human respiratory system.When using this cosmetic product, we harm our health.Even when using a high-quality nail hair, not to mention alcohol-based varnishes, components of it evaporate and give off a pungent odor.This may occur: sore throat, pain in the eyes, sneezing, watery eyes, and sometimes nausea.It is not the whole list of effects on the human body polish.

According to the advertisement, varnishes are perfectly safe for human health, but it's just advertising.Many manufacturers do not use in the composition of the lacquer such hazardous substances to health as freon, alcohol, but it does not add any benefit lacquers.

Hair spray can make life difficult for people with allergies, since it can cause severe allergic reactions, sometimes even cause an asthma attack.Not only affect the specific smell of the human body, but also the smell of toxic and enters the bloodstream through the respiratory system, is carried on the human body.When using this tool the smell spreads around the apartment, and if you do not ventilate the room, you can "earn" poor health and severe headaches.

also hairspray can greatly affect the scalp, which leads to severe itching, irritation.In addition, scientists from Japan's claim that Hairspray may be a new species of bacteria (hatanonis), which is dangerous to the human body.

contraindicated used to fix the hair lacquers women who are in an interesting position.The fact that the composition of hair lacquers, includes a substance phthalate.When inhaled, it is often in the fetus of a pregnant woman increases the risk of hypospadias - a congenital disease of the penis.When choosing a hair lacquers, pay attention to its composition, ventilate the room when used, do not use it constantly, let your hair rest.After copious its application try to wash your hair before going to bed.When selecting lacquer note the smell, pungent smell of hairspray can interrupt the aroma of your perfume.