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Cosmetics for hair loss

person can begin to lose hair intensively for very different reasons: it may be a hormonal failure in the body due to pregnancy, menopause, or may simply not enough of some vitamins, minerals and other essential substances (eg iron);problems with the adrenal glands or the thyroid gland can also cause hair loss, and in general, it could be a simple genetic predisposition to baldness.

There have been many studies to find out the cause of hair loss (alopecia), and how to fight it.It was found that the reason for this increase in the process of male hormones in the body.Thus androgens begin to destroy the hair follicles.Therefore, the most common way to treat alopecia - is the use of hormonal drugs.These drugs cropped androgen activity.

also used hair loss remedies that contain minoxidil (the active substance).This substance is contained in the following drugs: «Kirkland Signature», «Propecia," "Regeyn", "Minoxidil", "Alopeksi», «Spectral.DNC», «Vichy", "Rogaine", "Kosilon», «Members Mark».These means dil

ate blood vessels, thereby increasing the circulation of the scalp.This increases the activity of the cells of the hair follicle, and therefore is an active hair growth.In this matter, there are side effects, so it can not be used during pregnancy and lactation.In addition, the substance stimulates hair growth on the face, so women rarely prescribe drugs with the content of the substance.Usually minoxidil prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment.

same effect in another matter - kromakalin.It contains its production company Upjohn Company, which has a patent for its use.

should be noted that both substances were previously used for hypertension, so they both dilates blood vessels and stimulate job atrophied cells.Pinacidil, ethinylestradiol dizoksil, tsitroperon acetate and other antihypertensives and increase open potassium channels and the synthesized DNA in the follicles.

All of these drugs, there is one, but a very significant drawback - they are only effective at a constant dose.

If the cause of hair loss is the lack or excess of some substances, the specialist may recommend a diet that will provide the necessary material and special additives.For example, very often the hair falls out due to lack of copper in the body, which is necessary for the synthesis of tyrosinase.Has been designed specifically drug Tricomin, which contains a set of copper and very successfully used for a long time to treat baldness.

With strong progress of hair loss prescribe folic acid.

Another cause of hair loss may be an excessive number of cosmetic procedures.For example, a woman often dyes his hair, curl them, etc.In this situation, to restore and maintain the normal condition of the hair using special masks based on natural ingredients.One of the first products in the series was "Lotion 101", which consists almost entirely of natural ingredients.In this tool is an analog - is the "Faba 101".It is an improved formulation and is manufactured by the American company.Also very popular means of "Krinagen TM" and "Nutrafolika."In these tools, in addition to herbs, contains various vitamins, minerals and extracts, antihistaminic agents.A combination of several components, and provides the desired positive effect.