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How to attract the attention of men of Aquarius

should say that men marked sign of Aquarius, it's nice to work in all these men are courteous and polite.It is best to decorate Aquarius - his friendly smile.Such men have tolerance, kindness, justice, but just something that can bring their balance - is an infringement on their freedom, trying to penetrate into their soul, without asking permission, and lack of tact.Know that a man does not welcome Aquarius talk about their personal feelings, but, in general, it is different sociability and it is a pleasure to be in the team.

Aquarius never let you get bored, because they are by nature explorers, they like new things, and they are interested in everything.

good way to attract the attention of a man who is born under the sign of Aquarius - is something to interest him.What?First, you have to be a mystery to him - the vague hints, ambivalence, diverse inner world - it's the best ways to generate interest in a male Aquarius.The man will be intrigued and always reach for your person, to clarify the relat

ionship and uncover the mysteries of the mysterious female soul.But do not hurry to disclose to him all the secrets of your soul, because when he got to know a woman and realizes that no mystery, in fact, no, man Aquarius can switch his attention to the object pozagadochney.To Aquarius is still warm to her companion, she must continue to be a mystery to him, a little confusing and pretty intriguing.But we should not go too far, as even a light mist of uncertainty for a long time can rivet attention to you Aquarius.

Please note that these men do not tend to be particularly generous, but wealth is not an end in itself for them.

man Aquarius big role in my life devotes friends on the good reception of Aquarius will attract the establishment of pleasant relations with his friends, and never speak about them in a negative way.But do not also flirt with these people because such behavior Aquarians never forgive!

As for the topic of relationships, it is very real Aquarians Monogamous.When they find exactly the most unique and only, after wedding celebration, do not forget about such things as services videographer at a wedding celebration, romantic trips and delightful cars, male Aquarians never would think to look in the direction of another woman, he wouldgive all of himself to the family.

in sexual relations among male Aquarians can meet those who no longer going to be a good friend than a lover.Too temperamental woman Aquarius will be difficult to meet because the intimate relationship to him are far from being in first place in sex it may lack the ingenuity and passion.From Aquarius male in bed rarely wait for initiatives they rely entirely on the tastes and desires of women.For it is much more important is the fact that he was able to seize a beautiful woman than just physical satisfaction.

ideal woman for men Aquarius - an independent woman who is also a friend, she is self-sufficient in all matters of life.Sponsorship is also not included in the priorities of Aquarius.A distinctive feature of Aquarius is that, being married, they can rarely go to treason.This can happen only if they are not completely satisfied with his wife.They are usually very busy with work and household chores.

Compatibility Aquarius with other signs

Men born under the constellation of Aquarius, have an excellent chance to establish good long-term relationships with women who were born in the sign of Gemini, Aries, Cancer, Aquarius, Libra and Pisces.A little more difficult to get along in a relationship with Leo (here will act the principle of full mutual repulsion and attraction), Taurus, Scorpio (complete misunderstanding of the differences in nature), Virgo, Sagittarius (the main problem - it is a big drawback of sensuality in the relationship), Capricorn.

However, to attract attention and win the heart of a male Aquarius has a chance of any woman, the main thing - is to be interesting, curious and friendly!

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