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How do you teach children that they grow good people

Oh, those habits

habits begin to form in children from a very early stage of life.They are all, without exception, good and bad, harmless and funny.Habits can tell a lot about a person.Where did they come from?As we have said, their formation begins in early childhood when the kids comprehend new and grasp on the fly, copy the behavior of their parents.Therefore, if the parents, the inner circle or even strangers notice the gaps in this matter, then it's time to close children's habits.

also need to educate children and the formation of good habits.In fact, much effort in this, and higher teacher education is not required.It is noticed that with each new toy, the subject of a daily recurring event occurs and a new habit.For example, gave the kid a basket or box for toys - is now a matter of habit to remove them after the game.I want to dress and undress yourself - you can teach things neatly folded on shelves in the closet.With pleasure draws paints - even rinse the jar with water and dry brush.And

these small steps will be acquired good habits that will not leave the rest of the place is not very useful.How do you teach children that they grow good people?

Tips for parenting

educating children good people, it is not recommended to do so under the strict dictates.Do not control every step of the child and constantly told what to do.Try to ensure that the child and not to download an academic leave and the opportunity for individual development.Encourage creativity, initiative, but not permissiveness.

Adults - the main teacher and guidance. What to do, but with the advent of the children in the house, we ourselves are under their close supervision.All our actions are perceived and valued by them.Therefore, parents themselves must show examples of cultural behavior and explain their rules.Agree, the child is unlikely to be collected and organized, if in the morning Pope hastily looking tie, mom - the keys to the house, and the younger brother - a favorite toy, which goes to kindergarten.Besides personal example does not require any additional effort.This is the case when the action itself is already instructive.Say hello to a neighbor, holding the elevator for the stairs running, quietly closed the door, so as not to wake the grandmother thanked for fresh newspaper kiosk worker - a child observes and adopts a model of behavior.Personal example - a key point in education.

sincere deeds. pleasure of a good deed, a good case can not be compared with any material board.Your task is to explain to a child that you can get satisfaction of disinterested awareness that did the right thing.Adults in this case does not need to be generous with praise and encouraging words.In addition, children will repeat the action that pleases them personally, and parents, and included in the overall process of the people.

be patient, must not dry up. Equals and how your invention, ingenuity, wit.It is not easy just to teach a child sincerely believe that brushing your teeth, wash, do not throw food, to sleep in his bed - very nice.The first time you have to repeat, explain, ask to change, to remind not to shirk responsibilities.And it is important not to break, avoid all done as quickly as possible, rushed the baby.Over time, he will bring the usual procedure to automatism and even did not notice how useful habit stuck.By the way, hygiene and self-control over the appearance - one of the most important elements of a good education.It seems to be a banal teeth cleaning is a preventive struggle with laziness.

Strength test. As children get older, its crises curves, which at first glance seem to be destructive habits will also be forgotten and even ignored.Here begins surprises when a firm habit of the child forgets!This usually occurs during adolescence, when kids go against public opinion.They get bored, a burden, not interesting to repeat the same IMPERATIVE: clean the shoes in the evening to collect a backpack to school, take out the garbage, do your homework.It is your firmness, without a hint of cruelty, the constancy of repetitions help calm ride out this time and did not destroy the rule to the end.

Trust and independence of the child. Sometimes parents themselves provoke and perpetuate bad behavior and bad habits of their children.Either too often allowed to violate the rules of conduct, or randomly changing or even try to do everything for the child.At first glance, they do not want worry-free, take the time to insist and to be able to find a compromise.So go on about not to blush in front of strangers.Make for the child quickly any business for yourself, trying to get rid of stress.In fact, grown lazy, irresponsible egotist who any conflict or problem in life is to solve other people's actions.This overprotection of parents leaves the child a chance to express themselves.Try not to tie the laces for the child and solve puzzles school.Let him spend more time and do not very good, but do it yourself!

Remember that proper upbringing greatly simplifies the lives of children.The child becomes more confident, will not suffer because of the nesobrannosti will save precious time for the implementation of their plans.He is able to achieve recognition and be respected in the community.It is always nice to talk to and deal with the well-bred man.And how pleasant emotions experienced from this family, there is no need to suffer and to withstand the whims of children.Parents "with a capital" required to educate children so that they will have turned good people.In this case, they are easier to adapt to this world and be able to achieve great success in the professional field as well as in personal life.

observations psychologists

Every child learns new habits and accumulating under the influence of internal impulses, which form the sensitive period.Psychologists even allocate clear lines of this time.They have a beginning, a violent stage of development and completion.They are important not to lose, and send in the right direction for the child.He's on a whim, natural and innate sense will navigate the conventional wisdom.Then it will become habit compass for the future.

If the child is in opposition to public opinion, it is on par with a jump of personal development, it contributes to the disorder.Chaotic changes, loss of orientation, lack of understanding in his immediate environment.Perhaps even a protest and appeal to adults to understand that he had new needs and they need to be taken into account.

Fear of bad habits, frequent illness, nervous behavior - is the reaction of the child's body to the domestic mess.In this case, a correction methods of education.It is advisable to seek help from a child psychologist.Your task as much as possible to be close to the child, to support it and support the adaptation of the training previously unknown.

Nothing reinforces the truth of the words of adults as their visual demonstration.Therefore, from time to time it is useful and necessary to arrange days without rules, when much is allowed and permissible.For example, suppose weekends child is not in a hurry to fill the bed, wash, eat breakfast.I would like to lie and watch cartoons - please!The most paradoxical that the children are very attached to the routine course of things, and any confusion will cause discomfort.Relatively speaking, he will not be able to follow closely the plot, when the room is not cleaned, stomach rumbling with hunger, and general overall condition is not vigorous.Then the child is lost, confused, trying to restore order.It's very distracting!Here, you realize that the time spent on proper upbringing of the child, to avoid accumulation of chaos and not disturb his inner world.

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