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At what age is better to give the child to kindergarten?

How quickly our children grow up!Beliefs road sooner or later lead kids to kindergarten.However, some parents may not be such a need, because my grandmother is watching over the baby, or the financial condition of the family can afford to invite a nanny.

Yet many parents prefer to come and look for traditional kindergarten for your child.In this regard, there are many questions.They are connected with concern for the welfare of his child.At what age is better to give the child to kindergarten?How long does the adaptive period to Kindergarten?These issues are advised to work with experienced professionals, not just on the family council.

According to pediatricians, the best age when you can give a child in kindergarten - three years.But in any case, every child - it is primarily personality.If the family is large, there are brothers and sisters, then to visit the kindergarten there is no need.But when one child in the family, then there is no room for doubt.Company other children is a good ground for t

he development of the individual.In this case, the child will be more independent, able to stand up for themselves, become more sociable.

In addition, there are children who have no pre-school institutions is indispensable.This category includes kids with speech, vision and hearing problem.In the kindergarten kids are engaged with these experts to adapt to such issues techniques.Parents possess such methods can not do.

adaptive period, each child can be held in different ways.Some may show aggression, moods, some refuse to eat and sleep.Some faces such moments later.Children in families where calm and balanced relationships with parents, better and faster just getting used to the kindergarten.Growing person is always necessary to speak kind words, to show parental love.A child should feel important in the world and protected.If you decide to move to send their children to kindergarten, the home mode should be close to the regime in the garden.

Often there may be questions regarding nutrition.Moms often indulge their children and preparing pickles, this child is often difficult to get used to the food kindergarten.And when the child does not have parents are alarmed.Dear Mom, it is not necessary to arrange the violence.Children themselves ask for food when hungry.The main task - not to raise panic.

Psychologists agree on many issues with the opinion of pediatricians: up to three years of age the baby is better to be with his mother, who understands it better than others.It is important that the emotions are positive, as they develop the child's childhood.Only caring mother can give daily care, warmth and love, multiplying the positive emotions.In this case, the child can overcome any of life's difficulties.

Everything related to adaptation depends on the participation of the family, as well as the attention of specialists, which turns the baby during this period.It also depends on how the parents relate to kindergarten.Naturally, parents worry when given a native child of the wrong hands.Many times have seen cases where the mother can not leave the child in the garden without tears.And when my mother was crying, the child cries.The little creature, and so worried that staying with strangers, but there is also a native man sheds tears.Council mothers - to get rid of irritation, tantrums and angry.Children are very well catch it as adults react to the event, because they are good observers.That is why teachers need support as parents in this matter.

The little human immune system is weakened, when the soul is not easy and the child more susceptible to various diseases.For this is the best for your baby - this is your joyful look and smile.Help in this difficult period - one of the main tasks of the parents.

Remember hike in kindergarten - this is one of the first big tests that your child needs to go on their own, not just a new environment.Do not hesitate to ask questions, pediatricians and specialists to kindergarten, because together you can find the best solution.And thus you speed up when the child will rush into the garden, and the anxiety and feelings will be left behind.

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