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What vitamins includes birch sap?

Birch sap is going to smell the freshness of early spring, in the beginning of sap flow.The unique biochemical composition (natural sugars, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins and valuable proteins, calcium, sodium, magnesium, natural antibiotics - volatile) research shows the need for it as a healing, and in health care, daily use.

What vitamins includes birch sap?Where is it used?

First , is the perfect cosmetic for hair care and skin.Hair should prepare a special mixture of two liters of birch juice, one tablespoon of pure honey and a teaspoon of fine salt.After dissolving the salt is poured balm into a clean glass bottle of dark glass, add a glass of vodka and leave in a dark place for 10 days, tightly stoppered.The mixture is applied before washing the hair with a cotton swab, gently rubbing into the scalp.Then tie the head with a towel and an hour later wash your hair with shampoo for oily hair.For best results, it is good to rinse hair after this acidulated water - a teaspoon of vinegar o

r citric acid in the water basin.Thus, this treatment ten days with breaks for ten days, repeat until the end of the balm in a bottle.

face and neck well cleaned with ice cubes from birch juice.It tightens the skin, refreshes and relieves fatigue.Your skin is tightened, please tone and healthy glow.

Second , birch sap can be made incredibly tasty and healthy drinks.When lowered immunity for colds and it is recommended to mix with milk and small amounts of starch and black tea infusion to replace birch leaves and strawberries.Birch sap was said to the ancestors will help restore virility.Recent research scientists have confirmed it.In addition, it helps alleviate menopause.

This valuable natural product perfectly displays the body of heavy metals, it is useful for general fatigue.It dissolves kidney stones, promotes healing of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, useful for scurvy, gout, rheumatic diseases, stimulates blood formation and regeneration, helps with many skin diseases - herpes, eczema, abrasions.

If you insist on birch sap mountain ash, the resulting liquid is a diuretic and laxative properties, which also will help with urolithiasis.And you can change rowan on pine needles with young shoots, add a little mint.Then, after filtration and sterilization drink you get a pleasant smelling liquid medicine to improve digestion and stimulate the appetite.

If birch sap mixed with cranberry juice, berries healing, the resulting mixture of vitamins, pectin acids and sugars almost rolls over.Such dressing is a must in a difficult organism to the off-season, will add vitality and refresh you.

Birch leaves and buds are also widely used in folk medicine.They met in the same period as the juice, kidney - in early spring, the leaves - a bit later.They contain valuable health components - vitamins A, B and C, grape sugar, essential oils.They can be used, replacing them tea extract as an additive to the broth or meat.

If half tablespoons dried birch leaves boiled in a beaker of boiling water for half an hour, let stand under the hot-water bottle or towel for three hours, and then taken in the morning and evening before meals for 30 minutes on a glass, it will help with gallstones, as a diureticand nervous disorders, and fatigue.Take the drug is better for a long time, he is working very smoothly.

If a half tablespoons of birch leaves brew 500 ml of boiling water, add the baking soda on the knife and insist hour, after straining the infusion is valuable in diseases of the liver.Take half a cup four times a day before meals.

vodka infusions of kidney in folk medicine doctors of heart disease.The dose is determined by the individual and the possible phytotherapeutist - twenty drops to a teaspoon.

Broth leaflets rinse well head, very stimulating hair growth.

fresh leaves of birch treat painful joints.Bath tubs or bags filled with leaves just to dense layer of leaves clung aching joints within the hour.The optimal time for the procedure - the end of May.

ointment of birch buds prepared for natural butter, laying in pottery layers kidney and butter.Layers make optimum thickness of a finger.The lid coated with the batter, left for a day pot in moderate dry heat, not over 90 degrees temperature.After careful pressing ointment applied at night on aching joints, fixing bandage with a thick cloth.Unfortunately, the drug is not stored for a long time.

pounded into mush fresh young leaves - a sure means of heel spurs.Dressings with leaves to keep for an hour three times a day for about a month.