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When you need to eat the pineapple to lose weight

Pine apple

described the exotic fruit of Christopher Columbus.It is to him we owe the appearance of an exotic guest on our table.Returning to Spain, Columbus addition of spices, potatoes, bananas, tomatoes and corn captured and Pineapple: Fruit struck him with its form and delicate taste.Europe is not immediately brought to appreciate the miracle - only one and a half centuries Exotic began to grow in Spain and France.Fruits are so expensive that they were not ashamed to present a gift to the kings.Because of the high prices do not eat pineapple and used as a table decoration.Sometimes fruits roamed from one reception to another: it lent nobility from each other.In Russia, tan handsome appeared only in the XVIII century.Pineapples are grown in greenhouses, and so successfully that even exported to neighboring countries.

Fat Burner?

Today, pineapple, filed as a dessert, is no surprise.As pineapple diet.It seems every twentieth plump in the world and almost all Hollywood stars have tried to imagin

e the miraculous power of the sweet fruit.His fame owes pineapple diet Sophia Loren.It was with her light hand prescription weight loss with the yellow flesh has become so popular.At one time it was rumored that the actress specifically lobbied for the interests of suppliers of exotics in Italy.But if this were so, the pharmaceutical industry has not taken a great interest to the production of means for reducing the weight of the juicy fruit: still bromelain tablets - a natural fat burner - very popular.But pineapples are not the best assistants in getting rid of unsightly wrinkles.The fact is that contained in the exotic fruit extracts to help break down fats not and proteins.In other words, eat a piece of meat, there was heaviness in the stomach - a snack yellow flesh and feel the relief.

diligent cleaner

But do not just give up on a pineapple as a dietary product.Especially that nutritsiologi not agree with you.After 100 g of "weigh" only 48 calories.And in the fruit a lot of soft tissue, which does the job perfectly cleaners deduces slags no worse than other vegetables and fruits.In addition, pineapple is rich in potassium salts, which rids the body of excess fluid.In shishkoobraznyh fruits contain many necessary body vitamins and minerals, including such rare as manganese, which improves protein and carbohydrate metabolism.When you need to eat the pineapple to lose weight?- You can sometimes arrange pineapple fasting day: eat three to four reception 2 kg of fruit, not forgetting to drink 2 liters of mineral water without gas or juice - but only natural, not restored.During the day, due to detoxification, toxins, and water is quite possible to part with 500-700 g weight.Just keep in mind: Pineapple contains a lot of acid, so people with peptic ulcer disease or gastric acidity aromatic pulp is contraindicated.And for those who have problems with the digestive system is not excessive acid consumption can be harmful.If the fasting days is not for you, there is another way to lose weight: just add the pineapple into everyday dishes, preferably protein - beans, meat, mushroom.Of course, it is necessary to reduce the proportion of fat in the diet and give up the "fast" carbohydrates.But you will have the opportunity to experiment with familiar products like buckwheat, rice and boiled meat, which in combination with juicy fruits acquire an unusual taste.This diet is recommended for women with skin problems: not for nothing that the pineapple has long been considered the fruit beauties.And do not forget to rinse your mouth after eating: pineapple acid spares tooth enamel.

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