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What kind of food is necessary for constipation in children?

Related constipation symptoms - bloating, crying and anxiety child disorder appetite, redness of the face when the child makes an effort and can not poop.

Causes of constipation in young children:

  • poor nutrition nursing mother;
  • insufficient amount of water to drink baby bottle-fed and well as complementary feeding of children are breastfed;
  • for early transfer to artificial baby food, as well as the mistranslation of a child with one mixture to another;
  • when the child's diet containing foods high in protein and fat, which are poorly absorbed by the body of the child;
  • allergic to cow's milk protein, fish, eggs, soy, certain cereals;
  • lack of vitamin D;
  • chronic administration of drugs.

What to eat breastfeeding mom , if the child suffers constipation?It is necessary to reduce the number of used animal fats, replacing them in part with vegetable oils.There are foods that contain dietary fiber - it fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread, cereals - all this beneficial effect on the intestinal microf

lora of a baby.

What is not desirable to have a breastfeeding mom and nutritional requirements for constipation in children?It is advisable to avoid spices and hot spices.Horseradish, pepper, garlic, milk can give a bad taste, so it is best to bring their eating to a minimum, or even excluded from the diet.

Generally mother should adhere to a varied diet and closely monitor the child's reaction to certain foods.And if any of them cause the baby bloating, colic, allergies, constipation, then, of course, such products from their diet should be excluded.Pay attention to what you eat and how to react to the products themselves: if you have something against flatulence, heartburn, or something weak or crepe, then wait for the same reaction in the body and their offspring.

And if the baby is bottle-fed, and he had not yet turned three months?In this case, a power supply is necessary for constipation in children?At this age, too early to say with prune juice, which is administered in the diet after only four months.Along with such drugs as the Sub-Simplex, Espumizan, Baby Calm, Plantex, Dufalac et al., Which remove intestinal colic, promote thinning stool, have a laxative effect and relieve bloating, and bottle-for children on mixed feeding are commercially availableVarious mixtures conducive to easier bowel normalization and its operation.

mixture Semper Bifidus 1 - is adapted milk mixture Indications: systematic constipation;a chair with a tendency to constipation (happens every day, but the consistency of the stool tight - "sheep" feces);after treatment;for maintenance of intestinal microflora child.

composition comprises a mixture of lactulose, which has bifidogenic properties (stimulates the development of their own bifidobacteria and lactobacilli), and contributes to an easier bowel movement and soft stools.

The recommendations for use: the mixture is introduced, starting with 50 ml of the first day in a separate bottle before the main feeding (ie, if you usually give your child 120 ml of the basic mixture, then type bifidus bifidus should be given 50ml, and then the remaining 70 mlmixtures of normal), with a consequent increase in the daily volume of 100-150 ml.If, after a few days, stool became normal, the number of feedings Bifidus recommended to gradually decrease in the reverse sequence and subsequently replaced by feeding in 1-2 hours.

Semper Bifidus can also be used as the main food of the child, to replace the 2, 3, etc.feedings, to the normalization of stool, or during the first year of baby's life.

When used the product to become mushy stool from one to three times a day, normal gut flora, constipation ceased.

Agusha mixture of sour milk, 1 - adapted formula, which has probiotic properties, for children from 0 to 6 months (liquid, in a package of 200 ml).Designed for mixed and artificial feeding of children.Before opening the packaging should be shaken, and the necessary amount of product pour into a sterilized bottle, then warm up in a water bath to a temperature 36-38`C.It is composed of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, improving digestion of lactose and protein.It promotes digestion, reduces the risk of allergic reactions, forming the intestinal microflora.Shelf life 10 days.The product is opened, store in less than 12 hours.
Dry sour milk mixture NAS birth with bifidobacteria.It promotes digestion, contains iron, protects against intestinal infections, strengthens the immune system, improves the assimilation of some minerals - iron, calcium, zinc, and also serves as a preventive dizbakterioza at which a child may be as constipation and diarrhea.Produced by fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, fully balanced mixture for feeding healthy children from birth.The set includes all the necessary minerals and vitamins for the normal development of the baby.Diluted with water harder than usual mixture should be shaken vigorously bottle and adhere to the temperature of the water for rehydration, which is specified in the instructions.Pediatricians do not recommend the use of fermented milk with the NAS as the primary mixture to feed the child - enough is the use of 1-2 times a day.

also to improve digestion of the Child recommended to give him 1 teaspoon of drinking boiled water 5 minutes before feeding.

The older the child becomes, the easier it is to deal with the mother the baby constipation, unless, of course, causes of constipation are physiological factors.When the child reaches the age of three months, it is already possible to introduce solid foods, and it is much easier to solve constipation.You can give some juice, mashed potatoes (including those which include prunes and beets).Boil liquid porridge on cow's milk, the first two weeks the milk must be diluted in half with water.Very good effect on the gastrointestinal tract has oatmeal , daily eating oatmeal normalizes the chair baby.With 6 months can be administered in the diet of children's cheese, with 8 children yoghurt.

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