The results of studies with hula hoop

There is even a special kind of shaping - huping, which includes exercises with hula-hoop heavy hoop.These classes may be perceived, not even as a sports load, and how fun and have a good time.But after regular training you will feel like in the works include even the smallest muscles in the body, which is quite difficult to work out common exercises for abdominal muscles.You're dancing with a hoop, and your body becomes sculpted and belly - flat.

This is true: the hips spiral strengthens the entire body and make your body burn about 4 calories per minute, which is equivalent to walking at a moderate pace on foot.

hula-hoop can be used not only to get rid of excess fat on the sides and belly, to work out the muscles of the legs, body, arms.Results of studies with a hula-hoop does not take long, just a few workouts, you feel more agile, flexible and sexy.

workout plan

spinning hoop around the waist for 10 minutes, if necessary, pausing to regain his breath.Try to movements were smooth and at the s

ame pace.After this warm-up, you can continue to exercise the misuse.

circle hands

working muscles of hands and shoulder girdle.Stand with your heels together, toes apart.Fold hands together, hold the hoop between thumb and forefinger.Raise your hands above your head and run the hoop: trays slightly bent and spread apart.Move your arms from side to side (small amplitude) so that the hoop revolved around the brushes.Continue to twist hula hoop 1-2 minutes.

Twist in place

for shoulder muscles, abs and back.Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width, hold the hoop over your head, palms wound up inside the ring and turned away.The chest is opened, the abdominal muscles are tense.Begin to rotate the body to the left and then right.Keep rotating from side to side.Time 1 minute.

Stretch rotation

for stretching muscles of the legs and back.Starting position too.Lift the hula-hoop off the floor and hold it in front of (far enough away, so that the hands were straight, and you dragged them forward, feeling the tension in the muscles), cave from the hip.Hands on top of the hoop in front of you.Start slowly roll the hoop to the left, moving up one after another as long as the body is above the left foot.The next movement of the roll the hoop to the right.Continue to exercise, rolling hula hoop from side to side for 1 minute.

tree pose

Work triceps muscles of the legs, buttocks, muscles stabilizers.Get the hoop behind his back and hold it at arm's length, holding between thumb and forefinger.Move the weight on the left leg and the right lift and Abut the left shin.Right Knee take aside.Slowly bending your elbows, lower the hoop behind.Straighten your arms and repeat.Do 20 repetitions and switch sides.

letter V

Work your abdominal muscles.Sit on the floor, bend your knees and put your feet in the hoop.Clutching at him from the opposite side and lift it over him, hands on the inside of the hoop and deployed by itself.Together with a hoop lift your legs, straightening their knees, try to bring them to a height of 45 degrees.Back a little laid back, feeling the tension of abdominal muscles.Hold on to this position for 30 seconds and return to starting position.Repeat one more time.

wide plie

working muscles legs, buttocks and press.Stand with your back straight, feet wider than shoulders, toes apart.Begin to twist hula hoop around the waist, while your arms to the sides to shoulder level.Try to keep the hoop in motion and sank into a deep squat.Rise and repeat.Continue the exercise for 2 minutes while continuing to rotate the hula hoop.