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Therapeutic diet in psoriasis

There are many ways to treat this disease, which can be a long talk, you can use various techniques, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine and traditional medicine.But if you ignore the health food, then all efforts will be futile, since it is a dietary food is an essential component in the fight against psoriasis.This is due to the fact that in psoriasis violated metabolism, and this is why diet therapy is prescribed.Note, however, that this disease is very difficult to treat, and most likely will have to follow the prescribed diet for a long time: some missing for several months, and some are on a diet for several years.

What is so special about nutrition in this disease?Only a specialist can develop a customized diet program, based on the stage of disease progression for existing diseases, especially on the metabolism in the patient's age.

give an example.At the stage of progression of the disease for three weeks appointed medical diet that could provide chemical and mechanical gentle eff

ect on the digestive organs, which could create the most rest of the intestine and liver.The protein content of physiologically high-grade protein and carbohydrate diet is limited to 70-75 grams.In the presence of dyspeptic events (diarrhea, nausea, constipation, abdominal) fat is limited to 50 grams.A diet enriched products which structure includes a large number of proteins and lipotropics.First of all psoriasis diet should include cottage cheese and other dairy products, as well as vitamins contained in vegetables, fruits, berries (you can make juice).It should be remembered that in the sugar, jam, honey contains digestible carbohydrates, so they should not exceed the physiological norm.

very useful to enrich the medical diet products of the sea, such as sea kale, squid.Particularly useful are those products in coronary heart disease (coronary atherosclerosis) with increased blood clotting.If you have a tendency to constipation, is useful seaweed.Diet for psoriasis should also include foods and dishes, which include wheat bran, it is useful to use special dietary products designed for patients with atherosclerosis.

If psoriasis benign flows, besides no functional changes in the digestive system, and the restrictions on food will not be as tough: the exclusion of fatty meats, sausages, spices, savory snacks, biscuit and pastry.Need to change diet, now you have to eat 5-6 times a day, portions should be small, it helps reduce appetite.This can be achieved if between the main meals to introduce low-calorie foods, mostly organic fruits and vegetables: cabbage, carrots, turnips, rutabagas, apples.

Any alcoholic beverages are not allowed, even small amounts of alcohol would nullify all your labors, because alcohol dramatically reduces the use of self-monitoring of food adversely affects the nervous system adversely affects the neutralizing function of the liver.

will be useful to 1-2 times a week to spend fasting days, contributing to the restructuring of the exchange, and create peace overexcited pancreatic gland.

Fasting days:

  • meat - 400 grams of boiled beef eat in 5 receptions (we salt the meat).In addition, twice a day to eat 100 grams of garnish (as a side dish using raw white cabbage, carrots, cucumbers) and drink 2 cups of weak, unsweetened tea or broth hips;
  • Cottage cheese and kefir - 500 ml of yogurt and 400 grams of low fat cottage cheese.All of this is eaten in 5 receptions.
  • Kefir - during the day drink 1, 5 liters of yogurt;
  • Apple - eat throughout the day 1, 5 kg of apples, better to take the sour apples.The liquid is added.
  • Vegetables - eat throughout the day 1, 5 kg of vegetables (excluding potatoes).Vegetables and put out a better divided into 5 receptions.In addition, drink 2 cups of unsweetened, weak tea, or broth hips.

Fruit and vegetable diet at this stage will be very effective for psoriasis.

Estimated fruit and vegetable diet:

  • first breakfast - salad of carrots, cabbage, apples and vegetable oil (10 grams), 200 grams of hot broth hips;
  • Brunch - 100 ml of any fruit juice, vegetable puree;
  • Lunch - salad with vegetable oil or sour cream (10 grams), 250 grams of vegetarian soup, 100 grams of nuts;
  • Snack - broth hips, grated beets and carrots;
  • Dinner - 200 ml juice or compote (stewed fruit can be prepared from dried fruit) salad with 10 grams of vegetable oil, 30 grams of sugar a day (instead of sugar xylitol can be used), salt-free bread (flour, meal should be).