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How to eat bran


Thanks to the significant amount of dietary fiber and potassium, as well as biologically active substances and vitamins, bran have become very valuable food.They include still and unsaturated fats and acids - indispensable for the maintenance of our immunity and rapid formation of cell membranes.

healing properties of bran.

products with bran is very helpful - they promote the excretion of products of fat breakdown, excluding accumulation of carcinogens in the body.In addition, purified digestive tract, facilitates the work of the whole system and the bowel and the body weight stabilized.All these facts allow the use of bran to change the figures to lose weight.

Knowledge of the use of bran can be successfully used this product for the purpose of losing weight.It should be noted that constant and prolonged use gives positive results which do not change for a long time.The second feature is expressed by the fact that there are several types of bran, and it is necessary for each perso

n to choose your best option with the addition of food bran.By type can be divided in the bran granulated or pelletized.

The recipe is not granulated bran is quite simple.

bran Pour hot water and leave for half an hour, then drain the excess fluid.Should get a uniform mass of porridge.Thus obtained "gruel" is used for the normalization of the stomach and intestines, and hence to lose weight.You can eat one - two teaspoons, apart from the use of other dishes, and you can add to your favorite dishes.This recipe is good for children's nutrition.

granulated bran are preparing a similar way, but they need to take care.

start eating should be a half a teaspoon twice a day.Since our bodies can adapt and get used to the new food.A couple of weeks is allowed to increase the dose to use 1 each meal.The combined treatment with bran for each person unique and chosen individually.

treatment ends when the normal digestion and a chair.After these procedures bran food taken in small amounts as a prophylaxis for general health.The use of drugs for the treatment permitted only after a conversation with the doctor.Continuously monitor your state of health during the application of the bran.When stomach pain, discomfort, other digestive disorders should stop eating and leave the bran in your diet mainly bakery products.

benefits of receiving the bran noticeable, to use them not only for weight loss, but as a normal diet.After receiving a feeling of satiety and nutritional value of the product is only zero calories.Those who seek a beautiful slender figure, products with bran - is coveted golden key to the goal.

Thanks to eating bran is enhanced intestinal motility.And the calorie content of all foods eaten significantly reduced if they mix with bran.

side effects.

However, when used in large amounts of fiber may also be side effects.To avoid this, you need to take in food bran correctly.Unacceptable excessive use of their number.Overdose can cause discomfort, such as stomach pain, bloating, severe gassing, nausea, diarrhea or vomiting.

You should also know that a large number of bran in the diet can lead to such an effect that will no longer be absorbed not only harmful substances, but also useful substances with them.This, above all, vitamins and zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron.

erroneous method of using bran immediately with large doses can harm your health.First, the body "introduce" a new kind of power, and then "teach" it to process.Over time, a person who takes the bran, may bring daily intake of up to thirty grams, but not more than that.

What product is recommended eating bran.

Many people are not aware of how to apply the cuts to food together with other products.The most successful is a combination of beetroot with bran.Such power assists in treating hypertension, renal diseases, obesity, arrhythmias, and atherosclerosis, as well as in the treatment of cancers in order to stop tumor growth.The beet the most valuable and important substance is betaine, which is used together with bran enhances their properties to burn fat.

gradually adding bran to the diet soups, porridge, meat dishes, we regulate the amount of food eaten, changing it to a number of smaller portions.Over time, we get used to eat much less, therefore, the weight comes back to normal, improving health, and there is a joyous mood.

Fans of healthy lifestyle and diet can be recommended to prepare a mixture of a cup of yogurt and one tablespoon of bran.These components need to be mixed thoroughly and leave for quarter of an hour to swell flakes, then consumed after dinner or before going to bed.These foods contribute to weight loss and weight loss, remove toxins while cleansing the intestines and stomach.