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Stone bramble, useful properties

stone berry grows in coniferous and mixed forests, at least - on the steppe grasslands and forest.Stone bramble inhabits the forest glades and fringes of Siberia, the Far East and the European part of Russia.

stone bramble: useful properties

As the fruits and stone bramble leaves have properties useful for our body..The latter contain alkaloids, tannin and trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper and manganese.Also, stone bramble leaves are rich in rutin, flavonoids and ascorbic acid, which is also very much in the berries of the plant.

Berries also contain tannin and pectin, sugar, carbohydrates, volatile organic acid and tocopherol.

stone berry as well as many other useful plants, is widely used in traditional medicine.The most common use berry juice and a variety of teas from leaves.It has a stone bramble protistotsidnogo properties and anti-scorbutic character.For these purposes should take the juice from the berries.The juice is useful in anemia and anemia.The juice from the fruit of the pl

ant significantly improves metabolism, perfectly displays the body of toxins, strengthens blood vessels and reduces the amount of cholesterol.

stone bramble leaves help with seborrhea, and other diseases of the scalp.A decoction of the leaves is prepared as follows: three tablespoons of chopped leaves to 400 ml of a boiling water.Steamed material is heated in a water bath for fifteen minutes.Shampoo data broth relieves itching and prevents strong separation of dead cells and tissues.

various gastrointestinal disease, hemorrhoids, hernia, asthma, delayed menstrual cycle - an occasion for eating stone bramble.

Extracts from this plant are indicated for pain in the heart, for colds and cystitis.

in diseases accompanied by fever, would also be useful to use stone bramble fruit, because they have antipyretic action.

rheumatism and gout make lotions from the leaves of the plant.The leaves can be applied to the eyes when they are redness and inflammation.

In Tibetan medicine, there are also recipes, including leaves and stems of this plant.

recipes of traditional medicine Recipes

, which is used in the preparation of stone bramble:

  1. decoction of the leaves.It is necessary to take a tablespoon of crushed leaves and pour them into a glass of hot water.The mixture was boiled for ten minutes.Then strain the broth is cooled and take it to a tablespoon three to four times per day.This tool is perfectly stored in the refrigerator for five days.
  2. stone bramble leaves (50 g), pour vodka (0, 5 l) and put in a dark place for three weeks, followed by an infusion passed through cheesecloth and place in refrigerator.Instructions for use: take a maximum of three times a day one teaspoon.

stone bramble in cooking

stone bramble fruits are often used for cooking.For example, they are mixed with sugar and cream - is obtained, as a result, the present treat.Berries are also added to the milk with honey.

fruits of the plant are used to prepare all kinds of compotes, jams, including cook delicious jam.They are used for cooking and homemade wine, which is saturated color and tart taste different.

is difficult to count dishes, which have added stone bramble: it's fruit drinks, and syrups, kvass, juices, jellies, condiments, jellies, mousses and even vinegar.

stone bramble Long-term storage is also possible to do this, just pour it in sugar.But the most useful - to use fresh berries, as any treatment to a greater or lesser extent kills useful properties.

Very tasty jelly from the fruit of the plant:

you will need: sugar - 100 grams of potato starch - 40 grams of water - 1 liter, stone bramble berries - 1 cup.

Mash berries and pestle made of wood.The starch dissolved in a glass of water.The remaining water a little berry boil gruel.Separate the resulting pulp and bring the water to a boil with berries, add the sugar and starch (already divorced).Wait until all boils, and can enjoy a drink.

Prepare this unusual drink, kvass, fruit of stone bramble.

Take the fruit of the plant - 4 cups sugar - 200 grams of yeast - 10 grams of water - 3 liters.

Prepare the berries as well as in the previous recipe.Next, you must drain the broth, put the sugar, then cool.In the cold broth, add the yeast.After two or three days you will get a delicious drink.

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