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How to eat and lose weight

How to eat?
No need to hurry if you're used to drink a piece of cake sweet tea, is mashed potatoes with roasted meat, and now suddenly have become a vegetable salad, then it is no good will come.Your body will require those calories that you will miss, you will miss and dive into depression.Or you can break away and eat three times as much meat and mashed potatoes than usual.Therefore, we need to gradually move to a healthy diet.

begins with simple, make it a rule to eat three different fruits in different colors.It can be an apple (green), banana (yellow), orange (orange), or it can be such a fruit that you like.If you want to lose weight, eating right, it is better to eat fruit to eat in the morning.

Eat salads and fresh vegetables, fruits and start eating.And yet do not eat lettuce, do not proceed to garnish.The secret is simple, you get the vitamins by eating vegetables, you are also filled.Eat less calorie garnish.

Eat fish and natural meat instead of dumplings, sausages and salami.Do not fry

them, and try to put out, cook, bake or soar.Then you start to lose weight, the body gets less fat and more micronutrients.

Instead of black tea and green tea drink coffee, tea and sugar substitute honey.For half an hour before meals drink water, and so during the day, because the water - a slim figure and life.

not hard to eat right and do not need to eat some salad leaves to lose weight.We need a balanced diet to work properly the body.It is necessary to take the first step, just one more effort, and you'll see how easily you can lose weight.To be in the form and do not starve yourself and lose weight, you need to eat varied and properly included in the diet products from five different color groups.

main source of energy, which determine caloric intake is fat and carbohydrates.Calories per day depends on the energy consumption, gender, age.The day adult should be 1700 - 3000 kcal.And they can not be abandoned.Besides fat, carbohydrates, proteins necessary for normal functioning of trace elements and vitamins.The lack of such substances cause health problems: fatigue, irritability appears, reduced resistance to infection, there may be other diseases.If you feel that you lack energy, you need to take vitamin complexes, before that check with your doctor.

The daily diet includes foods from five color groups:

Yellow foods
basis of daily menus make cereal products.They reduce the risk of cancer, protects the body, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, as well as improve the activity of the stomach.For health helpful meal, cereals and whole grain breads.

green products
They are: mushrooms, berries, fruit, vegetables.They are the main source of nutrients is not synthesized in the body.This organic acid, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.They improve the stomach, excrete allergens, toxins, lipids, maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels, promote activation of the immune system, reduce cholesterol.Norma healthy food a day should be 500 grams of fruit and vegetables, they should be divided into 3 admission.

Blue products
It - cheese, cheese, cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir, milk.These products are an important source of protein and vitamins A, D, B2, phosphorus and others.In dairy products a lot of useful microorganisms.Dairy products contribute to the growth of the body, regulate the activity of the stomach, strengthen hair and nails, promote skin health, strengthen teeth and bones.The daily rate is 2 servings of dairy products with low fat - (50 grams of cheese, a cup of yogurt or milk).

Orange products
These are products such as sunflower seeds, peas, nuts, legumes, eggs.These foods are rich in trace elements, vitamins, proteins.Seafood, fish, meat products protect against iodine deficiency, protect the body, reduce the risk of anemia.Oil-rich fish contribute to the normalization of metabolism, can improve the skin, blood vessels and heart work.Every day you need to drink half a cup of walnuts, 100 grams of beef or venison.Eat lean meat.Poultry, fish, meat stew with vegetables is best, or cook on the grill.

Red products
It - alcoholic beverages, confectionery, sugar, butter.Such products contain sucrose, cholesterol and fats.From them it is impossible to give a healthy person, but you need to lower their consumption to the maximum.Valid portions - 2 tbsp.l.any vegetable oil, 50 mg of spirits or 200 mg of dry wines 6 h. l.jam or sugar, 10 grams of margarine or butter.

in your diet gradually replace harmful products of dietary and healthy:

1) Sweets, chocolates, biscuits, replace the dried fruit and fruit.

2) Replace white bread whole grain.

3) Milk chocolate substitute bitter.

4) Chips and crackers replace the nuts.

5) replace sugar in fruit and honey.

6) replace white Red meat (rabbit meat, poultry).

Now I understand how to eat right and lose weight.Use these tips and you will be able to eat properly and to lose weight.

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