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Catering to strengthen teeth


is the main component of teeth, so calcium is essential to consume sufficient with food.Most of the calcium contained in the following products: in cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, bran, fish, carrots, beets, radishes, lettuce, beans, celery, spinach, beans, almonds, honey, grapes, strawberries, oranges, peel all fruits and vegetables.Also useful jelly.In addition to food products in order to strengthen the teeth there are drugs which contain calcium, e.g., calcium gluconate.

appearance of preparations containing a complex of calcium with vitamin D , because the absorption of calcium can not be sufficiently with insufficient intake of vitamin D .Many vitamin D found in liver, fish and fish oil.Also, the human body itself is capable of producing vitamin D in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays.Therefore, the correct way of life, adequate and balanced nutrition walks the need for additional drugs itself disappears.


The teeth calcium is present in the chemic

al bond with the phosphate in the hydroxylapatite and fluorine.If a part of the teeth are not attended phosphorus, their enamel would be quite fragile, it would be advisable to perform the functions of their teeth.Therefore, dentists recommend to use phosphorus-containing products.

Generally, phosphorus and calcium are digested properly only if contained in the food in a certain proportion.Of course, to calculate the amount and stick to these proportions, in fact, impossible, so it will be enough to watch your diet.Phosphorus is found in green peas, lentils, nuts, celery, cereals, cod liver oil, fish, meat, soybeans.


tooth enamel, which has just cut through, contains hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphorus) in the protein matrix.With the passage of time in their structure penetrates fluoride which subsequently under the surface layer of enamel forming anticaries and acid resistant fluorapatite.

main source of fluorine for the human body is water.Hence, the correlation between the number of cases of caries in certain areas - in various areas in the water contains a different amount of fluoride.Unfortunately, it is impossible to independently improve this figure, however, some countries (eg USA) centralized fluorinated drinking sources.In Russia such attempts to fluorinate water, milk and other foodstuffs.To date, the most acceptable solution is the use of fluoridated salt.Turning to the dentist, depending on the oral health of the individual, the doctor may prescribe fluorinated tablets.The tablets should be taken exactly as prescribed dentist, overdose and uncontrolled use in 90% of cases leads to poisoning.

Why spoil your teeth?

One of the most common diseases of the teeth is dental caries.He accompanies the leaching of calcium from the enamel.This is due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth that breed in tartar and plaque.Therefore, it is important to avoid accumulation of plaque and bacteria in it.Features power thus play an important role.

particularly harmful to teeth carbohydrates, but not all, and those that can contribute to the growth of bacteria, for example, starch, sugar and products containing them - a sweet tea, confectionery and bakery products, jams, pasta, etc. Etc.. These foods tend to stay on the surface and in the recesses of the teeth for a long time and thus serve as food for bacteria.A bacterium has, in turn, form acids that erode tooth enamel.Thus, over time, teeth lose calcium and bacteria penetrate deeper and deeper, eventually developing caries.

Power to strengthen and dental health: recommendations of dentists.

In order to prevent the formation of dental caries, it is important to observe a few rules of healthy eating.

1. First, you should reduce the intake of carbohydrates.To do this, it will be enough just to restrict admission sweet food or, if possible, replace some of the less dangerous sweets, for example, instead of sugar use honey.Honey not form plaque on the tooth surface, since it contains only natural sugars.Interesting facts - the remains of eaten cookie may stay on the surface and in the recesses of the teeth of up to 50 minutes, thereby creating a favorable environment for bacteria.

2. Secondly, dentists recommend increased consumption of fiber, which is found in fruits and vegetables.Vegetables and fruits help cleanse the surface of the natural teeth, allowing them to remain healthy longer, hence the fact - is much better to eat the whole fruit or vegetable, rather than pre-rubbed.

3. Many foods, such as acidic fruits and vegetables, cabbage and meat broths, promote saliva production in large quantities.And saliva - the perfect anticaries agent, it literally washes away the bacteria from the surface of the teeth, it still contains anti-bacterial substance lysozyme and calcium that strengthens tooth enamel.

However, all of the above rules do not force you to give up altogether chocolate, sweets and other "sweet pleasures of life," the more that the lack of sweets in the body causes a decrease in production of endorphins - "happiness hormones".How to be?We recommend the easy way out - brush your teeth after each meal for 3 minutes.If you are not at home, will help chewing gum, you want to chew on for 5-10 minutes after a meal.But gum should not contain sugar, most commonly it is made from urea and adding flavorings and sweeteners.Rinsing the mouth after a meal is not an effective way against the growth of bacteria.

So, lack of proper care and poor diet can lead to tooth decay, and as a consequence, to the early loss of teeth.If you will remember about food for the teeth and follow a few simple rules, it will make you feel more confident as the holder of a chic radiant smile.