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Useful properties of nectarine

Nectarine: its composition.

According to its biological properties and chemical characteristics similar to ordinary nectarine peach.But it tastes much sweeter than his, and his dietichnost above.In

nectarines twice provitamin A. It ahead peach, askorbinki (54 mg), iron compounds, as well as the elements phosphorus and potassium.It has a lot of sucrose, fructose, glucose, malic acid, citric acid, silicon compounds, sulfur, magnesium, sodium and calcium.

believed that the nectarine, peach is a special kind occurred with the participation of, oddly enough, plum and apricot, but in this question, researchers have not come to the same conclusion, and each stayed with own opinion.

Nectarine pretty calories: 100 grams accounts for 267 calories.

Nectarine: useful properties.

fruit has the strongest therapeutic and preventive action because it provides the richest set of vitamins and substances of mineral elements of the spectrum.Peaches valuable because it contained a large askorbinki, fructose, fibe

r, minerals and flavonoids.

nectarines When used to prevent such diseases as hypertension, atherosclerosis, because these diseases are responsible for the removal of sodium from the body, as well as liquid.

Peaches - the perfect anti-cancer agent, because it contains a lot of pectin compounds.

fruit is able to strengthen the work of the digestive glands.It is why we must have to help the body digest fatty foods and so-called "heavy", such as mushrooms.

This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and compounds A. There are antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin condition.Nectarines - the perfect prophylactic against the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkled formations.They help to retain moisture in the skin.Nectarines can not help sick cancer.There have also nectarine properties that activate metabolism.

This fruit, as already mentioned, a lot of vitamin C, which causes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of nectarine.This type of vitamin is actively involved in metabolism.

In nectarines contain potassium, it helps to maintain the clarity of the functioning of the nervous system.It is involved in metabolic processes and play an important role in the functionality of muscle contractions.

Nectarines are rich in pectin compounds that can inhibit the activity of vital functions of harmful germs and bacteria.

If you suffer from anemia, you often go astray heart rate, you have increased the acidity of gastric juices, and constipation often occur, you will be helpful to drink about 15 minutes before lunch-fourth of a cup of juice nectarine.

These fruits are able to provide our body so-called "fast" type of energy.

Cellulose nectarines mostly insoluble, so it is useful for maintaining normal bowel function.Nectarines thus prevent the development of diseases affecting the digestive tract.

fiber, which tends to dissolve, has a positive impact on the vessels and the heart, because it is able to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood connections.

Nectarine: contraindications and harm its use.

juice of this fruit can not drink for people who have diabetes and those who have allergic reactions often occur.It is not necessary to use it and those who are inclined to obesity.

Nectarine: its application.

These fruits have become popular recently, only ten years or so, back when there were juicy and large (up to 200 gr.) Fruit with tasty flesh and thick skin.

Nectarines have no pubescence on the skin, so the technology of its processing is very simple.Portability nectarines are also quite high, which is why this culture is cultivated many gardeners, and even lovers.Needless nektarinovoe fruit tree is universal in use.

Nectarines early varieties usually ripen much earlier than other crops of stone rocks.In this context, it includes such varieties as Krimeon Goldidr, Nikita-85.There is also the sort of Kyiv 51312. During the season you should try to eat as much fresh nectarines to help purify the body.There

them better really fresh, because they do not give a precipitate of alkali.But dried nectarines will also be useful and will not lose its flavor.Nectarines, like peaches, can be harvested in the winter.They make excellent jams, preserves, tasty and they baked, frozen.From nectarines get great fruit puree and sugar slices in syrup.

bones of this fruit is quite possible to replace the almond kernel, because they are very similar in composition to the composition of the nuclei of these nuts, they are very sweet and delicious.If

grade nuclear bitter, some of them make excellent oil with a high fat content, which can be used as a solvent in the production of ointments and medicines pharmaceutical industry.

shell seed from the fruit used in the manufacture of a medicament such as activated carbon.

Samu wood used for the manufacture of handicrafts and souvenirs, because it has a beautiful texture, and it is easy to polish.

nectarine trees in spring bloom is very beautiful.They are completely covered with large fragrant flowers.The trees, which grow nectarines attract countless bees are therefore considered excellent bee plant.

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