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Benefits and harms of ghee

Many of our fellow citizens are skeptical about the Hindu beliefs about the benefits of the product, they say, if everything is so simple, then why do we have it do not know anything?Especially because in our country dairy products have always been quite popular, but we do not use oil as a medicine.

Nevertheless, melted butter and the truth has a therapeutic effect, but eating habits in our country and in the eastern countries, such as India, are very different, so the properties of the oil is not widely used, we like it.Our people are used to eating foods that contain a lot of protein, such as fish, meat, poultry, and richly flavored dishes fats.But the Indians prefer vegetarian food, and it is something just perfectly with the "w" or "ghee", ie melted butter.

Making clarified butter at home.

Of course, it is best to make the melted butter to at home, but this is often neither the strength nor the time.The choice of oil in the stores should give priority to well-known and trusted manufacturers.

Quality ghee should not have any foreign smell and taste.He must have the taste and aroma of melted milk fat.In such oil must be granular consistency, but at the same time it should be soft.If the butter to melt, it will clear, the color will be uniform, no precipitation also do not have to be.

formulation to be made ghee is very, varies widely.There are many recipes that are advised to melt the butter in a bowl, with the need to collect and remove the foam debris until all the water disappears, then drain the oil.You can follow this recipe, and, at least, it will be much better than to use oil with the fluid and proteins.As a result, the oil should have a clear consistency.What is it cooked, it turns out much tastier than is usually obtained.

can fry in this oil, for example, mushrooms, then top them well and pour over them, and then put in a cool place.So they can stand for several weeks and remain fresh.On melted butter and fry can be.It does not foam, and he is not going to smoke.

Only here at such oil no medicinal properties, is talking about Ayurveda.This "Ki", ​​which is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases, prepared quite differently.Recipes, though different from the above, but still simple and not time consuming.

cooking recipe "Ki".

present "Ki" should be prepared of butter produced in the home.If there is no, then you can buy it, but after analyzing the composition.The present oil in a cold place is rather hard.In order to prepare a "Ki", ​​it is necessary in a large saucepan, boil water, put it in a smaller pot so that the bottom has been submerged in water, but do not touch the bottom of the first pan.In a smaller pot put butter, melt it first, then it will make the foam, which should be removed.This will form on the bottom sediment, which do not need to touch it.

From 1 kilogram of butter a good five hours, so get excellent "Ki".It will be clear, with amber-yellow or golden hue.When through ghee will be clearly visible on the bottom sediment, the pot will be remove from the water bath and pour into a vessel ready "Ki", ​​making sure that the sediment it has not got.The resulting oil can then drain, after which it will not be exact impurities.In thickened "Ki" can be whitish with yellow tint.

peretaplivaniya This method of oil frees him from the water, milk proteins and other impurities.When making should not use aluminum cookware, enameled or glass better.

Benefits t oplenogo oil.

Quality, proper dressed "Ki" can be stored for several years, with the passage of time only adds to the therapeutic properties.But we are unlikely to have to store it for many years, it is likely to be used very quickly, because if they replace conventional oil, it can only benefit health.

According to the Ayurveda, ghee is better absorbed than just oil, it does not raise blood cholesterol, improve digestion and strengthen the immune force will improve the condition of all tissues and would have a positive impact on the activity of the brain, perception.

often in autumn dry nasal mucosa, in this case, it smeared with melted butter to protect against infections and colds.

«Guy" is able to penetrate into the pores of the skin, it is perfectly absorbed.Penetrating into the skin, the oil dissolves and removes salt, slag, and after massage with a "w" the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Hurt t oplenogo oil.

Ghee can be harmful to people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Also, it is contraindicated for people with problems of excess weight, because it contains a huge amount of cholesterol.Summarizing all the above, I would like to note that the best stewed oil used for cooking, and is not used in its pure form.

Ghee: treatment.

The treatment with oil, "Ki" there are some nuances.If you have a weak immune system, it should be consumed mainly in the morning with nuts, honey, dried fruits, with spices such as cardamom, saffron, fennel.You can use it with cream, sour cream, fermented baked milk, but other than oil, and these products more in the morning there is nothing impossible.

When digestive disorders, inflammatory therapeutic use of a mixture of "Ki" (two-thirds) and herbs (one-third).The mixture smear the affected areas or keep for a while in the mouth.

You can cure atherosclerosis, migraine and other ailments.Only the followers of the teachings of the Vedas say that the sense of such treatment receive only vegetarians.Eggs, fish and meat products they consider "violence."That's why, perhaps, in our country, as well as in other countries, particularly in the West, widespread treatment of the diseases using ghee "Ki".