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High-profile divorces Russian showbiz stars

One of the most recent divorce - divorce is a stylish and elegant Olesya Sudzilovskaia , famous actress, a businessman - banker Sergei Dzebanem.But the outside of their marriage was so happy - relationship to formalize and birth of a child before marriage, marriage with friends - known in artistic circles.Comments from former spouses and part-time stars of the Russian show business or in writing or orally, journalists do not get why the reasons which have led to a radical solution of unknown problems, we can only guess.

«As time passed our love" - ​​so poetically talks about the reasons for her divorce her husband Ksenia Borodina , with which they were married in such a beautiful numerically date - August eighth two thousand eight - 08.08.08.Or maybe jealous of the success forever busy in television projects wife, TV presenter won the magic number?With whom will now be little daughter Maroussia - the issue is not yet resolved.However, marked on a large scale, surrounded by participants of the project

"Dom-2" in the alcoholic vapors and dancing on the table, divorce, apparently, did not prevent the start of a new fan of Xenia.Of course, Ksenia Borodina and her husband - Today the rating "Loud divorce."

not sidestep separation and legendary names of Russian show business. Alexander Serov decorated divorce from his wife, with whom he lived for nearly twenty years.Their wedding took place at the peak of popularity of the singer.And certainly not financial reasons were behind the decision of ex-spouses, as the initiator of the gap was just it.In an interview she said that the carelessness of her husband authoritarianism, most employment and unwillingness to deal with family affairs were the main reasons for its decision.

Among the high-profile reports of divorces has attracted the attention of many name Valery Meladze .Their family also existed for about twenty years.But a romantic relationship with one of the soloists of "Via Gra" won a lasting relationship.On the other hand, Valery - father of many children, three daughters in the first marriage, the son of Dzhanabaeva.Well-known analysts, sociologists have long been saying that the known and wealthy people are not usually many children family.As you can see, exceptions still there!

In other news, the divorce and the recent decision by pop singer Maxim divorce with her husband Alexei, who, they say, from the same party, because the sound engineer.There and common professional interests, and the birth of the child did not help the marriage survive for more than three years.What is this, the critical number for the star of marriage or a bad upbringing of the young star, got her husband's nagging and scandals when colleagues and friends?

probably our favorites, for which we are happy to observe and do not want to miss any details of their bright and busy life as ordinary people going through difficult periods in their own way.But the difficulty is still in the fact that their whole life is on the mind under the gun cameras and camcorders curious fans and professional paparazzi.Any, even the most insignificant event acquires ridiculous details, and the issue of small misunderstanding blown up scandal.

In order to protect themselves from the unpleasant moments of division of the property, business and bank accounts, many famous people prudently conclude a marriage contract.Do they help?Here are some examples.Tatyana Vedeneyeva, best known for television shows Soviet leader, speaks very positively about the divorce with the marriage contract.Her experience can help decide on a serious approach to the creation of this document.A scandalous couple Dzhigurda - Anisina wrote that if the divorce, the wedding gifts will be given their own donors.Dibrov principle does not enter into a marriage contract, so it was in his first marriage, and in the present.And Nikolai Baskov your opinion about them has changed, and is now considered normal, because there are always the stars divorce "so accidentally and unexpectedly."

Now that you know all about the high-profile divorces stars of Russian show business, do not repeat their mistakes!