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How to restore the figure after pregnancy

Brown spots
during pregnancy may tread on the face spots, as well as the neck.There are spots, due to the fact that the body's hormonal changes.In addition, the appearance of age spots can contribute genes from their parents, and this may contribute to the sun's rays.65% of pregnant women develop dark spots.In most cases, age spots begin to appear from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

aware that the appearance of age spots is easier to prevent than to treat them later.It should use sunscreen SPF of at least 30 units.And to forget the end of the pregnancy pigment spots need to use the serum and lightening creams.You can not do during pregnancy peeling in the cabin, as it may adversely affect the unborn child.

All women during pregnancy stretch marks appear.Stretch marks in pregnant women do not appear from the fact that the stomach stretches, but because the body's hormone levels change.And as you can guess, creams and exercise alone will not be enough.You must be in possession of drugs, which co
ntain collagen and elastin.You can use the gel from the stretch.Some of the gels specifically designed for breast-feeding mothers and pregnant women.These creams should be applied 1 or 2 times a day on the chest, thighs and abdomen.Gels of stretch marks should start to apply from 12 weeks of pregnancy and ends 3 months after childbirth.So you protect yourself from sagging breasts after breastfeeding.

Hair Care
Most pregnant women do not fall hair.And after the birth the hair begins to fall out.In this case, you need to immediately prevent the hair from falling out.

If there are any problems with the thyroid gland, it appears dry hair, and they begin to split.These problems are not always associated with the thyroid gland, which may be indicative of malnutrition.And in this case, need to consult with the endocrinologist.

second three months of pregnancy characterized by increased fat in the head.In this case the hair is suitable shampoo for oily hair.And if, despite all this hair after wash remain dry, you need to use masks and balms.

acne on the face
Most acne begin to appear during the second trimester of pregnancy.The reason that acne lesions appear, meaning that a woman's body changes the level of testosterone.In this case, you can use medical cosmetics.Yet no one has repealed the procedure of cleansing the skin.You can use an antibacterial cream.Do not resort to the end of pregnancy to serious procedures.

varicose veins
In the second trimester may appear varicose veins.The cause of this disease may be a violation of the venous outflow, as well as stagnation in the pelvic area.During pregnancy, women are the vessels of a double burden.If before the pregnancy before you exercise, tempering, eat properly, then the problem you do not run.To prevent varicose veins, you need to perform the massage, do not walk a lot, wear a compression garment, you can not use the pill to strengthen blood vessels.If facial spider veins appear, use a cream with isoflavones.Such a substance controlling estrogen.The cream can strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Fighting cellulite
appearance of cellulite is due to hormonal changes in the body.Cellulite affects the shoulders, hips, buttocks.It becomes clearly visible during lactation.Also, cellulite is noticeable in women who have scored a lot of weight during pregnancy.

To get rid of cellulite, you need to use tools that increase skin elasticity.And should eat right and to exercise.If there is no threat of miscarriage or no contraindications, you can go to the bath, good massage problem areas.

Tooth decay and fragility of nails
children to develop well he needs a certain amount of calcium and minerals.Watch out for those products that you consume, so that they had the right amount of calcium.Because of its lack, it will be washed away from the body of a pregnant woman.And first of all will suffer teeth, hair, nails.To avoid calcium deficiency expectant mother should eat daily 2 grams of calcium.And to calcium is well absorbed in the body of the pregnant woman must come folic acid and vitamins B, C, D. It should take vitamins for pregnant women.

dehydrated skin
To avoid swelling, doctors are advised to use less liquid.From this skin starts to peel off.In this case, the scrub will not help.Can help cream for dry skin.If you want to use the gel against stretch marks, it can give dry.Then, after application of the gel after 15 minutes, the cream must be applied to the skin.And it is better if the cream is the same brand with the gel.

How can restore shape after pregnancy, you now know, thanks to these tips.And when you will again look good, you increase your self-esteem and nothing can overshadow the long-awaited joy of motherhood.