Who is easier to raise: boys or girls

Educating girls.

mother, who is raising the girl, often facing some naboromslozhnostey.The following are the most frequent problematic properties of nature, which, according to their prevalence can be attributed to the peculiar patterns.

Girls are more emotional.

Bolshinstvomam notes that girls, especially at a younger age, often prone menyatsvoe mood from sad to funny, that is unusual for boys of all kotoryechasche prone to prolonged retention of mood.

Most argue and perechat.

Rechevoerazvitie girls go faster and due to certain features of this razvitiyadevochkam easier to acquire verbal skills.Of course, on the one hand This is a very good thing.However, this means that the mother has to deal with vsemivozrazheniyami, whims, and other manifestations of the personality and the character of the girl.

emotionally aggressive.

Malchikisklonny show their aggression by physical methods, unlike otdevochek that most enemy attacks verbal means, the estsluhami, insulting comments, boycott, exc

ept of the games, etc.

Educating boys.

Soglasnostatisticheskim polls, most of the problems in the education malchikovdostavlyayut following features:

1. Boys physically active and are more aggressive.

Malchikiochen physically active all the time running around, jumping, falling, quite chastochto any damage or scratching.This can be explained by two factors - at all nihchasche low levels of empathy, so that bad boy vosprinimaetmysl that "damage" and "break" - this is bad, and high physical activity.

2. Verbal communication initially passes dostatochnoslozhno.

Navykiobscheniya boys develop more slowly than girls.In znachitelnoystepeni different skills and style data.While girls stremyatsyaobsudit several options events, boys express just what hotyatvzyat, to make or receive.As an example we can consider the range of cartoon dlyaprosmotra.The girl will review and discuss your options and your boy is likely to be hard to stand his ground.

3. Any activity trying to make competition.

Boys always compete with siblings, peers and parents.If a family of two or more boys, the dannoesvoystvo can be used if you want the children ate faster, odelisi etc.

However, stereotypes do not always work.

At zhevremya not so rarely seen typically boyish traits in girls ilizhe vice versa.To raise children do not become a bad nightmare sleduetponyat, because of which the child comes in a bad mood, and how to avoid it:

  • baby is very noisy.The advantage here is that it means the development of a child is physically active and sociable, it can often be useful in life.To a child in their games not carried the apartment, you can often walk with him out to play, written in the sports section, etc .;
  • child is able to achieve its, forcing you to change your decision.This means that the child has an obvious talent for non-verbal communication, it is able to convince the interlocutor in his point of view.Help to develop this as much as possible when dealing with a child.At the same time, if your views are different, try to stay in his opinion, no matter how you argue with a child;
  • child often breaks toys, sorting them into their component parts.This demonstrates the thirst for knowledge, intellectual curiosity.In this case, purchase toys that are intended specifically for them to be assembled and disassembled.However, if it is just a manifestation of lust to break, it is best to simply hide the baby toys, for as long as he does not assimilate the idea that the break - it is not good.

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