The real magic: Empowerment

If you decide to do magic, for starters, try to understand why you need it.One of the main pitfalls in the way of the magician is a desire for power and money.Magic can give you all this, but for acquired in this way necessarily have to pay benefits.The universe is constructed in such a way that people get something in one area of ​​life, it is sure to lose in another.Everything is balanced, so the attempt to change the situation by some magical manipulation can give results, but will certainly lead to the "rollback" - that is, obtaining a portion of the negative in a particular area of ​​life.

Trying to get through the magical manipulation of some result, it is necessary to take into account one important point.The universe can give you what you wanted, but it carries out your order the most simple way.For example, you want to get a million rubles.Result: you get a car, and you are paid as compensation for the injury amount.It is clear that such an option does not suit you, so when the ritual is necess
ary not only to specify the purpose, but also to specify the path to an end.It should not prescribe the details, you just have to ask the basic way of obtaining desired.Trivia finish themselves, their concretization only hinders.

Many magicians are trying to join one or another force, hoping to find in her face protector and patron.This option works well, but it has one big disadvantage: the force will help you on your way, but will require service and obedience in return.Do not use force, without giving anything in return for it.Rab can be strongly favored by his master, but he is still a slave.This does not mean that the path is bad - just need to be attentive to the choice of force and to understand what will have to pay.

to obtain the necessary results and avoid depending on those or other forces, it is necessary to raise the level of their own power.The more you have personal power, the more you carry, the easier it is to achieve the desired results - the world just starts to walk towards you.The accumulation of personal power comes in two main ways.First - exercise and energy practices.Second - cleaning consciousness.

If the first way everything is quite clear, then the second should talk too much.Not able to gain energy, it is important to spend it wisely.The bulk of the people wasting energy, throwing it with emotion.That's why is so important for the magician restraint, calmness, equanimity, the ability to turn away from all empty and vain.He does not just have self-control, but constantly monitors their emotions, looking for their causes.He does not dare to various mental speculations, preventing them in the bud.Example: you are with somebody quarreled, then scroll over and over again in the mind of an unpleasant conversation.Such experiences can torment days, pulling out of a man all his energy.Conscious of this, the magician tracks such moments and then stop them.

As a result, it is possible to accumulate a large energy level that immediately impact on the current situation.It is important to not only reach a new level of energy, but also to stay on it, and it is very difficult.At first, you will encounter a variety of provocations of reality, you will make every attempt to ruffle.And just making sure that you do not give in, you will be left alone, the universe agrees with your new energy level.The ability to raise its core energy level is the first step towards a real magic.

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