How to check for damage, the evil eye

Any mention of damage usually associated with some kind of weird manifestations, such as sudden onset of failure and trouble at work, conflicts in the family or with relatives and friends.Optimists simply believe that their lives came some black stripe and that soon to come is white.In the case where ever weird things start to happen, and the problems are characterized by sudden onset, we can reflect on the fact that all the same it is.Whether it's just bad luck or still someone black envy.Many people who know such things paranormal claim that these qualities can recall the most powerful energy, one that can affect anyone else.

Focus on simple moments .Check the influence of something bad, black usually help things note that you need to pay.When you're leaving the house, you start to notice that your threshold were puddles of water or sprinkled earth, and perhaps grain, coins, salt, then naturally start thinking that this is not simple.Some also find the front door handle or smeared soap or something

else in bold.Here, too, it is clear that someone tried."For me the damage," - these words appear naturally if something is not clear where any score in shoals nails, needles or pins.

other people's things. But then everything seems to be fine and such like will not observed, although the feeling that there is still a feeling that the damage does not leave you.The presence of damage, the evil eye, and the like can be found, without the help of a variety of fortune-tellers, and so magical attendants. D. After all, learn how damage could be different can be imposed if a closer look at the internal situation of your property.Maybe at home you can find some strangers, none of the family members do not belong to things?Their presence can give a positive answer to the question of the existence of the evil eye or damage.It is desirable to get rid of them as soon as possible, with the best will simply burn the garbage or the villages.But it would be better to say these words: "How come, there and let him return and from whom it was, that he had received back."Typically, you may notice a suspect sender of scarlet red and his cheeks arising in your appearance on the horizon.

protection in road .In ancient times, our great-grandmothers, plan to go somewhere for a long journey, the usual way to the inside of slaughtered hem of her underwear, in particular shirts, pin.Though it is a very small thing, still has not a small force protection does not look good.Best of all the perfect place for it would be the space under the clothes that are closest to the heart of man.And her head must be directed downward to the ground.It is possible to sentence the words of her to watch over you during the day.Over time, when you get back from the road can be seen on her condition.If someone intentionally or unintentionally trying to jinx you, pin is unfastened.And when it does disappear, it means someone has expressed a desire to impose on you damage.

About wax and water .The presence of the evil eye or damage, coating of black magic and the like can be detected by simple things, such as wax and water.And in order to learn it, the first thing to do is melt the beeswax to any dish.After that, the other person, it may even be a family member begins to pour the wax into the water that you keep your head on straight.It is better to pour a thin stream of it, slowly.Then, a container of water you need to put on some time to cool down.

Questions about corruption can be achieved by a thorough and careful examination of solidified wax.Then, when a wax figure from all sides flat and it has no rough edges sharp, you can reassure yourself that you have no to corruption.This means that everything that happens bad, unpleasant - it is only a coincidence.I understand that there may be damage to various balls, checkered or mounds formed from top to bottom.

When the wax has a big build-up, one can understand the great curse.And when the wax on numerous holes, inclusions, you should know that regular manner suggests you damage one and the same person.The edges of the wax-like jagged bites suggest that someone brought damage related to your destiny.

In order to try to remove all the negative energy to yourself, you need to burn off the wax, pre-wrapped it in a paper.Or you can just bury the wax into the ground, but only where a small probability of finding people.

Magic grass .Herbs can be not only drugs, they can tell the existence and presence of damage in humans.These include plants such as nettle, linden blossom, or oregano.But there is a condition that they will be collected at the forest edge.

Oregano pre-rinse, then dry and finely chop.Then it can be brewed with boiling water, it is better if all this will be done by women.Prepare the broth will need to be sure to drink the whole family.Sudden pain in the head of any of the households can make it clear to the presence of damage or the evil eye.Headache will take about a couple of hours, but damage will need to be removed.

With St. John's wort can also find out whether there is a specific person any damage or not.This herb has long been considered to be a kind of amulet helps to protect from any evil forces.The presence of evil spirits, the evil eye, damage can be determined by fast fading St. John's wort have someone from the family members.On the eve of all that you need to put this herb in the corner of each room in which the members of your family live.When the grass is fading slowly, you can reassure yourself that there is no damage.But throw out the grass is not worth it, because you can easily throw it all good family companion.

Knowing simple tips you can try to protect themselves from bad people and their malevolent actions.And the best just saw an evil man, myself pronounce some prayers.But little protection does not need to be ignored.