Choose the right clothes for the baby

Children's clothing mesmerizing bright vivid colors, touching paintings, intricate designs and applications.You're trying to choose for your crumbs most comfortable and beautiful things, but you do not always do it?In the wardrobe of the baby there are many inconvenient and impractical things?Let's try to solve this problem together.We hope our tips and tricks will help you pick the perfect wardrobe for your toddler.These things little one will be warm and comfortable.

undershirts or body?

Best of all body and so-called "men."Their main advantage is that they are not twisted, not ride up at the back, like blouses or vests.Choosing the "little man", pay attention to the fact that he unbuttoned from the neck and up to the entire length of the legs.So it will be easier to wear.Suffice it to spread on the changing table or bed unbuttoned "man" put on it and the baby fasten buttons.There are models in which only rivet body.If you chose the vest, choose those that are fastened at the shoulder - in the

m you think the baby will be much more convenient, because it will not lie on the hard buttons or buttons.

clothes for the little ones.

choosing clothes for a newborn baby, do not buy a lot of things 56-gauge.Tot grow from the bottom of a couple of weeks.So buy 2-3 body 56-gauge, and the rest more - just 62nd.Plus 2-3 man.They can be worn both at home and walk under the coveralls, jackets and sliders 3-4 to them.Sliders is desirable to select the buttons along the entire length of legs.

determines the size.

choosing clothes for the child, remember that it should be loose enough not to hamper the movement of the baby.The diaper under clothing should also be placed freely.But the clothes at the same time should not be too large - so as not to twist or bully, thereby creating discomfort remains.

Some firms manufacturers of children's clothing size is determined by the growth of the baby, and the other by months of life.To find the right size clothes baby you just need to know the growth of the kid or his age.

What buckles better?

It may be buttons, laces buttons (sewn firmly).Most importantly, these fasteners are safe for little kids.They do not need to scrape, chop and crush delicate body.If the clothes are designed for a newborn, it is best if the fasteners will be placed on the shoulders.Also very comfortable jackets and vests that are fastened to the side.And if possible try to avoid things, dress over her head.

Socks crumb

Socks, like tights should not be close.They must be free to move the baby fingers - it helps the child to quickly learn how to confidently stand and walk.And we need to have socks made of natural fabrics - they will breathe toddler leg and will not sweat.

All things should be natural

Lingerie kid uniquely only from natural fabrics.Blouses and pants that are not directly adjacent to the body, can be no more than 20% are made of synthetic additives (because they do not stretch things and do not lose shape when washing).Try to avoid things from velor - it is poorly breathable, and the kid in such clothes will sweat profusely.Clothes made of viscose is also acceptable for the kids, just know that she misses ultraviolet rays.So, these things can not be worn on the baby in a very hot sunny weather because toddler can get sunburn.

cap or a hood?

House cap must be worn only after bathing the baby, but a walk without it can not do.In the fall and early spring, when the days are cool hood of blouses or jackets will not be enough.You must wear a beanie baby.It should not adhere to the head.Cap should be securely cover the ears of the child.

clothes crawling baby.

ideal option for toddler who is learning to crawl, will tights and blouse (shirt).In them the child will be much more convenient to creep than the sliders or "man."Some models of tights have rubber treads on the toes, with the help of which the kid can build on the slippery parquet or confidence to take its first steps.

The jacket or suit?

for walks in the days of autumn or early spring is better to put a baby in a unitard or in a sleeping bag.For a child who already knows how to walk, too, will be the best one overall.A child at this age can not sit still, he wants to run, jump, climb the hill, so it's important to back tot stay warm.The jacket and pants to achieve this goal will be difficult.

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