The threshold of pain perception of the child

After watching the behavior of his child during vaccination, dental examination or treatment of scratches, can be judged on his belonging to this or that the painful type.The perception of pain for the child are different.It makes no sense to say, "Hold on! '" Baby with a low threshold and pain tolerance interval. He seemed born without skin: it needs to be protected from injuries and painful manipulations. Another thing - with a low threshold of pain perception of

the child and a high pain tolerance interval. It is also extremelysensitive to pain, but is able to tolerate it if it is true to configure. When the shell obmyaknet, you mentally burn it or throw it away. Reserves patience they have little.

Reference for moms

Children 3-4 years added 4-6 cm per year, 5-6 years - 6-8 cm. It starts with the first physiological traction!

Council. Because different parts of the body are growing unevenly, the child may complain of pain in the bones, joints and chest. The threshold of pain perception of the childdifferent, so check out the daily routine baby.

6 years old baby doubles the weight that had to year. On the 4th, he must gain 1.6 kg, at the 5th - about 2 kg, on the 6th -2.5 kg.

sure that no more!For 5 years ending hyperplasia of adipose tissue in a child - then new fat cells have not formed.The main thing - that they do not at this point are too many.

3 years in children's bones contain calcium 180 g to 6 years already 240 g If the child does not accumulate enough of this macro element will be a tendency to fracture!

Council.Include in the diet of baby milk products, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese varieties.

For 4 years in a child decreases lumbar support (lordosis), because of which disappears characteristic protrusion of the abdomen.

A to 5-6 years in the shape of the spinal column becomes as an adult, but still weak ligaments.Council.Watch out for children's posture and strengthens the spinal muscles through exercise - tilt, swivel to the side and the other.

sick tears

possible?Academician Bekhterev was convinced of the rightness of this statement!Prolonged crying baby is harmful to their physical and mental development.These words should not be taken literally: the baby wept, and his health has suffered damage.But if he cries often and long, then either physically he feels bad (ill), or all experiencing negative emotions.Both does not pass in vain for the child's body.Conclusion: The reason for the frequent and long tears need to find and eliminate!

Reassure your child
, if he can not control his emotions.All children differently experiencing the pain or that, regardless of age or sex.Sometimes it is that girls are more often related to a stronger type than boys.Girls are able to endure, and this is important.But even if your family has a son, should teach him to show his emotions only in extreme cases, as a real man should not cry.In no case should not give the child up to 5 years, various sedatives, some of them may make the situation worse.Look for the cause in the psychology of the child, the right to raise a child, learn good and you'll never know troubles!

To a child feel less pain, you should also talk to him about it.Of course, not every child will perceive this as anything normal, but sometimes the mind plays a very important role in all situations.

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