What displeases our kids?

All moms know if the baby is crying, then he is hungry or wet his pants, or maybe the kid is sick.But if the kid is naughty, but did you recently fed and diaper him dry.What's the matter?All kids are different.One responds to cry any trifle, another quietly tolerate discomfort and even pain.But regardless of individual characteristics, there are things that all kids hate.And often they are absolutely right in his discontent, as some stimuli do not just enjoyable, but even harmful to krohotul.What displeases our kids?

Too many nurses

If you go to work, you take care of that during your absence the kid is not passed from hand to hand: to dinner with him sitting grandmother, then two o'clock the nurse,later, your girlfriend or sister.The child should be engaged one person (every day the same).The kid must be continuity and a sense of security.If the child care at the same time too many people, it is anyone's ozhzhet feel, unnecessary abandoned.

noise and loud sounds

Screaming TV sluggish

repair the wall, screaming teenagers on the street - all these sounds can bring to rabies even adult.And what about the little one.He does not understand the origin of these sounds, so they are not so much annoying as frightening.Besides the constant loud noise can affect the child's hearing.A monotonous sounds constantly turn on the TV or radio may slow the process of language development in a child.

But do not overdo it with silence.Kid should grow in normal medium, not in greenhouse conditions.It is not necessary all the time to walk around on tiptoe, even when he sleeps.


He can unsettle even the adult.The lack of clear ruinous regime of the day just for the little ones.Although grudnichok, which a few months, most of the day sleeping, he still lives in accordance with their biological rhythms (sleep alternates with periods of wakefulness).A clear day regimen gives crumbs not only a sense of security, but also teaches baby navigate in time.Observe when your toddler is set to play, and when he wants to rest.Try not to make him a surprise like: "Today we m swim in the morning and not in the evening»


kids cry not only from hunger or from a wet diaper.Sometimes they act up because they are bored.Tot, who often provide very own, slowly evolving, and it is observed a lack of motivation to the knowledge of the world and acquiring new skills.With crumbs need to talk, play, often taking on the hands.Remember that the main attraction for the baby - a close contact with his mother: he likes watching you, listening to your voice, your gestures repeated.No toy will not bring the desired result if you do not play with the kid.

excess stimuli

mobility over the crib revolves around a huge amount of scattered toys.For the background included songs in English, constantly coming into the house guests who strive to hold the crumbs on his hands, poagukat him ... besides trips to the pool, and massage with my mother to the store.It is too much for the baby.Kids like to watch the proceedings, they like to be in the center of events, but these events should not be very much.When they are surrounded by a large number of stimuli they react crying, sometimes they have problems with sleep.So do not go to sleep crumbs toys, and do not try to engage with it hundreds of cases simultaneously.When you see that the baby turns away the head, closes his eyes, it means that he is tired.Give him the opportunity to have a rest.

Inconvenient clothing

The narrow denim jacket, of course is very fashionable and beautiful, but uncomfortable for the baby.He is not free to swing your hands, grasp the legs, that is, to train their muscles and develop coordination.A cramped "man" is not only convenient, but also harmful to the spine and muscles of the baby.Therefore, buy clothes only crumbs from natural fabrics and be sure to cut free.Children things should not be too large so that it is not entangled in long pants, for example, during sleep or play that are capable of upsetting the baby.

Remember that there is a situation that not only cause discomfort to the kid, but they can cause serious harm to his health.

Excessive heat

Pediatricians never tire of saying that the overheating is very dangerous for small children, as the processes of thermoregulation have not yet adjusted.The temperature in the room of the baby should not exceed 22˚S.If the child is hot, it begins to sweat, it gets hard to breathe, the skin appears sudamen.Naturally, this can cause resentment little man.

Cigarette smoke

If you are in an apartment someone smokes, even through the window, the baby's lungs get harmful substances.Tobacco smoke irritates the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract due tot which can readily pick up the various infections.

Ignoring children's tears

In no case do not let the baby cry as sometimes advise our grandmothers.If a baby cries, it means that he is bad, he needs your help, understanding and affection.And the children of manipulation and speech can not be.When you can not react to the baby tears, he ceases to feel safe.

There are also things that displease our children, and that has to do against his will.You should not go on about and must be firm and not give in to children's tears.

cleaning nozzle

Kids do not like it, but to sleep or eat with clogged nose, too unpleasant.Try to carry out this procedure quickly.And during it quietly talk with crumbs, try to distract him, for example, sing his favorite song.

Flushing eye

Try to remain calm and avoid sudden movements.Do not interrupt the procedure several times, because the baby was crying.For each glazik take a clean cotton pad.


Little kids do not like change clothes.They especially do not like to put on things that dress up over her head.Because for the beginning try to avoid these models.Distracts the child, tell him poem and soon he will get used to this procedure.