Long trip with a toddler in the car

There is no single recipe for how to entertain baby during a trip by car.It all depends on the age and nature of the child.But there are some simple ideas to help you cope with the toddler during a long road trip and make your journey comfortable and safe.First of all, you must know that the child should ride in the car only in a special children's car seats.The chair should be selected according to the age of the baby.And before each trip to check if they are adequately secured.

trip to select night.

If you have to drive long-term, the night is the perfect time to overcome distances.The child will wake all mastiff, and you and your husband will be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility.And as night traffic on the roads is not as intense as the day, the required distance you can overcome much faster.If you decide to go with the baby at night, take him to a comfortable pillow and blanket for sheltering.

Take food and drinks.

It is best to bring children with special mineral water drink

ers and packaged children's juice with a straw to a pipsqueak could drain the bag in one sitting.To recommend to stock up on snacks and sandwiches, corn sticks, wafer cookies, fruits and vegetables.And remember, never feed a child in a roadside cafe.It is better to take your children are ready meat and vegetable puree.You can take the dry milk porridge and dilute it with warm water from a thermos.Kefir is also possible to bring along.During the day, he will without a refrigerator with it will be nothing.Although these trips is useful to buy a bag-holodlnik.It will be so helpful.Remember stops.It is not necessary to feed and water the baby car is in motion.For a snack is better to stay in the forest, where you can relax a bit.The kid needs a few minutes to leave the car to a little bit like, run around, get some fresh air.

not forget the toys.

Do not try to take everything at once.Choose a few favorite toys from the arsenal of the toddler.That may be a favorite teddy bear or bunny to sleep.Suit booklets (you can entertain the crumbs in a way interesting tale), the doll for girls (you can dress-undress, feed, show her something interesting outside the window), or machine for a boy (he washes "ride" on the seat).You can also grab a magnetic drawing tablet or notebook with stickers.Attaching pictures and drawing love our kids and take it for a while.It is useful to be and CDs with children's songs and stories.This is a great way to switch attention toddler, distract him.

One of the parents should sit with the baby.

So it will be easier to amuse him and communicate with him.If your child bored toys, you can entertain of other ways, such as commenting on what is happening outside the window.You can also play with the crumbs in finger games (such as "Forty-crow»)

Do not remove the baby from the car seat.

If a kid does not want to sit in a chair, begins to cry and capricious, try to distract the go, without taking from the chair.After all, security - above all!You can never predict the situation on the road, so it's best not to risk it.And to crumbs was comfortable in the chair, checking whether the crumpled clothes on his back.Adjust the belt length - they should not fit too tightly to the body.You may have to make a little stop to the baby stretched his legs.

carefully with air conditioning.

optimum temperature inside the vehicle - 20-22S.Overheating during the trip, as well as hypothermia, can cause infection.If your trip is not very long, from the air conditioner should be abandoned.And that was not very hot, you can open up a window for a short time, but only one, that there was no draft.

lock the door.

Scarce certainly try to pull all available for the handle and press the button all visible.To avoid problems, it is best to lock the rear doors.Check the locks every time before boarding the car.

protection from the sun.

On a hot sunny day, close your blinds car window (when windows are not tinted).Some modern children's car seats are equipped with special visors - they help protect the toddler from the sun.


If you will be a long journey, then you can not do without a few important things.Be sure to wet wipes.They will help to quickly refresh the face and neck of the baby.You'll be able to wipe their pens before eating crumbs.Not to do without them and when changing the diaper, and when there is no access to water.

sure to take the road a few sets of clothes for the baby.If the child gets dirty food obolet juice or some water, you'll be able to dress him immediately clean clothes.

also bring a container of clean water.It can be used for washing, hand washing, washing of possible injuries.The car must be at least three liters of clean water.

If you follow these simple recommendations, then your trip with a toddler in the car will bring positive emotions and unforgettable memories.