New Year for a small child

Turn lively music from the cartoons about the New Year for a small child, dance with toddler in her arms.

From 1 to 2 years

At this age the child already feels great mood adults, pre-holiday bustle.Biennial pipsqueak could help decorate the Christmas tree, giving you the decoration and garlands (of course, unbreakable and non-electric).By the way, pipsqueak can already appreciate the costume and admire himself in the mirror.Show detke focus "One - two - three, Herringbone, burn!".He liked it.As before, it is not necessary to call for the New Year for a small child to visit Santa Claus and try to meet with him the New Year under the chiming clock.It is still early.The child is not afraid, even the first meeting with Grandfather Frost occurs in a public place - at children's parties or street carnivals.Now is the time for this.

Some babies get very upset when they see parents dismantle and remove tree holiday decorations throughout the house.Try to make sure that after the holiday tree gone unnotic

ed, tell your child that a year later she would return to him.


in the new year for a young child should advance to prepare the house for the arrival of guests: remove all breakable objects, put on the outlet plugs, hide the wires, to find out whether in small guest allergies to any products

3 to 5 years

Usually at this age kids already attend kindergarten, and learned to get along well with other children.So you can make a home a Christmas tree and a couple to invite guests - friends of three children.Better with parents and in the morning.Think carefully about the festival program.You can arrange a masked ball, pre-negotiate with adults that every guest has to come dressed as fairy-tale hero.At this age, and would be happy to wait the arrival of Father Christmas and New Year for a small child.So feel free to invite a kind grandfather.After the feast can walk, arrange fireworks, play snowballs.

mana cost
winter Grandpa December 31 depending on the time of the visit and presentation of the participants.The prices for standard call Santa Claus on New Year's for a small child:

Up to 15 hours of the average cost - 3500-3800 rubles;

With 15 hours - 4500-4800 rubles;

from 20 to 22 - 5000-5500;

From 22 to 23:30 - 580O-65OO;

New Year's Eve from 00:00 to 1 o'clock in the morning - 7000-7500 rubles.And on January 1, prices fall to 2000-2500 rubles.


What to do if you come drunk Santa Claus or Grandfather kid learned in your family?Tell your child that Santa Claus was delayed en route, call your assistant (or relative) and asked to replace him, but he did not cope with the task.

Calling Santa Claus standing behind a couple of weeks, since the closer to the holiday orders is becoming very much.Choose an agency with professional actors and teachers.Or use the recommendation of friends.It is better to find out the script presentation that lasts about 30 minutes.But as a rule, it is the standard.Gift desirable to transfer Grandfather advance for the New Year for a small child.

5 to 7 years

In these adult children already have their opinions and concrete suggestions that are sure to keep in mind going to celebrate New Year.What can be the guests?The formula is simple: your child's age plus one person.If crumbs 5 years, so children should be no more than 6 people.At this age, they can call without the parents.By convening a large company, remember that some of the guests may be late, so think in advance what you prefer, waiting for them.Alternatively, guests can take a manufacturer of Christmas cards.Great fun - a puppet theater.Make sure that the proposed entertainment were interesting to both boys and girls.

perfect gift

best gift for the New Year for a small child would be the fulfillment of his dream come true!So you should find out in advance at the kid what he wants for the New Year.Sometimes the children to think of absurd desires, and do not need to rush immediately to fulfill them.But if the child from time to time repeating the same request, it is worth considering why the baby wants it so, and perhaps still is somehow closer to his dream.


Before the New Year the parents of children attending kindergarten, usually run the shops in search of a carnival costume.Except perhaps those moms who know how to sew.You are not one of them?Then, perhaps, it is still not to buy a suit, and take it for a ride?You can have friends whose children are in the past year were also bunnies and chanterelles, and it is possible for a company that specializes in this.However, it must be done in advance.A minimum of three weeks.Otherwise, all will disassemble more nimble parents.


Children 5-7 years are usually still believe in Santa Claus.If someone knows the truth, no one ask him to give secret - let others enjoy the miracle.


should be avoided in the new year for a young child a variety of games, competitions.Not all kids know how to play.

How does Santa Claus?

New Year's grandfather should be dressed in blue or red coat up to his ankles, trimmed with white swan's down.At the head - cap in the color coat, embroidered with silver and pearls, semi-oval-shaped in the manner of Cap of Monomakh.At the feet of Santa Claus should be red or silver boots with raised toe, or white, embroidered with silver boots.And the last detail - a bag with gifts, which does not let anyone grandfather, he gets gifts, just guessing kids dreams come true.


Where did come from Frost's granddaughter, is not known.But in that role, in which we know it, Maiden appeared only in 1873, thanks to Ostrovsky, who wrote the play by fairy-tale.After that, she began to accompany Santa Claus at Christmas and then New Year's holidays.Maiden should be dressed in a white fur coat and wearing on her head a crown of eight-embroidered with silver and pearls.

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