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What are the things you need to take with you to the hospital

necessary things you need to lay down in advance in the sachets, bag for mom to give birth, a bag for my mother to be discharged, a bag for the baby in the hospital and at discharge.With these bags be sure to check the future pope.It happens when postpartum mothers tell how the excitement and joy husband was mixed up, and instead dresses, brought sundress, which did not fit, and the mood of the meeting was spoiled.Therefore, it is important to decide in advance what you need to take to the hospital, and this need to introduce your relatives.

Lovely woman is entrusted to the Pope and the relatives of the responsibility for the first appearance of a child in the house.After all, it is their particle krovinochka, though they feel the closeness to the child and the first days of his life will bear the burden and joy of it.

What are the things to take to the hospital?
The first group - the documents
- direction of the hospital or maternity home with a contract or agreement with your personal doctor.Wi
th personal doctor should conclude an agreement no later than 35 or 36 weeks, and the sooner it is done the better.A doctor should discuss all the exciting pre-topic.

What else you need to take with you to the hospital, in addition to the necessary things to feel comfortable?From experience with the women gave birth at (in the consultations for the care of the baby, a massage, moms at school), we sincerely advise you to give birth under a contract with a personal doctor.If you're certainly not going to give birth at home with a personal midwife.

- filled exchange card with the necessary analysis
- passport
- Two analyzes the AIDS
- Results of US
- Insurance policy
- Phone doctors, hospital address
- Find out how you will communicate.You must be reserved by telephone, tokens, coins.

second group - what are the things you need to take to the hospital
- nightgown or warm, spacious, extended-shirt
- warm socks or cotton, not wool
- washable slippers
- drink after childbirth - mineral water without gas orherbal tea for a special delivery.It is convenient to take a thermos.If allowed in the hospital, you can take a light meal
- take the crib, you write them in practical classes.They charge you with renewed vigor, will warm, give you confidence, cheer up, even if you do not use them.

- Facial Tissue, they come in handy to wipe sweat from his face, cloth dampened with water can be applied to the lips, forehead
- terry towel small
- if allowed in the hospital, you can take a player, cassette rhythmic pleasant music.

third group - these things are needed after delivery

- postpartum need a light robe or jacket with buckles in front.Typically, in the House, where the mother is a baby, is heat
- hygiene items: soap, nourishing cream, comb, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush
- on the first days of sanitary pads with highly hygroscopic.In the following days, you can use a well-breathable lining, but not as thick (2 or 3 packs)
- mesh - disposable panties.This special hygienic panties, body breathes freely in them, they are light, which is especially important in the early days after birth.You can use thin cotton panties with large openings for ventilation, but you can get a diaper
- may need removable chest pads, which will absorb the milk, if weak nipples.Maybe you will need a collection of milk is such a plastic shell that will hold the resulting milk and allow to keep the nipples dry.The sink should be thoroughly cleaned and prepared in advance.

- if inverted nipples mom, cook-pad sombreros.Sombrero is applied to the nipple, and the baby through the hole in the patch can breastfeed.Before using it you need a good wash.When feeding, hold the hand pad
- cream for the nipples, which relieves the pain of abrasions and cracks
- nourishing hand cream and facial
- two nursing bra with front closure
- sterile gauze
- herbal laxative or laxative candles on the basis of glycerolYou may need an enema
- cotton socks
- plastic bags for dirty clothes

See a list of products that can be brought to the hospital.Remember the rules of supply during breastfeeding.It is necessary to consider what season the yard - winter, autumn, summer, spring.And tell her husband about it or the person who will be coming to the hospital.The first 2 or 3 months after delivery, be careful to the products, if breast-feeding.

fourth group - the baby in the hospital trousseau

child needs clothes.Ask what you need to bring in the selected hospital to care for a child.What you need to prepare your child to be discharged, when you go home.

To care for the baby are usually asked to bring diapers, instead of diapers.Just do not buy a lot.When choosing diapers need to take into account the quality of the material from which made diapers, baby skin reaction to the material, weight, sex of the child.It should start with a small party.Look at your baby like them or not, as it reacts to them.

depends largely on what kind of clothes you will wear for the child.In the hospital wearing thin and thick vest, cap, diapers, and baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.Underwear should be changed every day, and maybe more than once.Some hospitals are allowed to wear adult clothes: a T-shirt, cap, light coveralls, diapers and diaper.If desired, put on gloves.

can prevent, in the hospital will offer to finish feeding the baby from a bottle.Take this carefully and seriously.As practice shows, if the lure glucose solution, mixtures, drink boiled water, it increases the risk that a child can make the infection.

use of infant formula just after birth can lead to allergic reactions, a diathesis, to the development of dysbiosis.When sucking the breast involved muscles of the tongue, and sucking the nipples of a child's cheek muscles work.If the child becomes acquainted early with a bottle - sucking of nipples, he has formed a wrong way of sucking.

Because of this, kids early refuse the breast, they have poorly developed muscles of the tongue, often have problems with speech.From this mother can decrease lactation.And if you will offer to finish feeding the baby, you can also categorically renounce the baby supplemental foods.

fifth group - the things that are required at check
Write out all over the hosts.Sometimes give gifts - makeup set diapers, diaper set.Also, it gives a bunch of flyers, where to buy, when and how much.If you want you need to prepare in advance the clothes in which you will be discharged and the clothes for the baby.Consider the weather conditions.

When to go home, put on baby diapers.You decide that you put on a child, a warm shirt or a light suit or warm and thin undershirts.Typically, a child wearing vest, and then wrapped the baby in the small and large diapers.
-teplye socks
- put a light scarf, bonnet instead.A top hat scarf wear for the weather.

The important thing that you need to take to the hospital as outerwear - a blanket, it can be warm or light, depending on the weather, and the tape area.You can do without a blanket.Over easy wear overalls warm jacket, woolen socks, panties and put the child in an envelope.Consider the season.The envelope can be warm or light.

In any case, gauze cloth or handkerchief
exchange card for the child, the need to make a copy.Help
the registrar to register the child.

sheet with the conclusions and recommendations of the health of the child.Ask what procedures were carried out which drugs were administered to the kid.Tell the children's clinic, I had a baby, and invite the home health visitor.

Flowers for mom, mom and taxis for the newborn.For Pope affectionate smile.Rattle for a baby.

House dinner by candlelight, elegant clothes, but not coat.It's your holiday, my mother more than 30 grams do not pour.And only for you and your family, if only for an hour or a holiday.Knowing what things need to bring to the hospital, you can prepare the necessary things for the hospital.And to prepare things for discharge from the hospital with the child.And then after some time, you can call the grandparents, relatives and friends, learn a new member of your family.

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