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How to look good while pregnant

course, being pregnant - it's great!As well as great to be a mother and experience the unique sensation of joy and happiness.But do not forget that pregnancy is like motherhood and for the most part - it is "difficult" happiness, which requires a huge investment of forces, the fortitude and patience stalwart.Of course, a lot of women go through the stage of pregnancy easily bypassing all the "charm" of this period, and they are not likely to be useful information, which we now want to share with you.

So, during pregnancy, in addition to all sorts of physical ailments (early toxicosis, late toxicosis, nausea, dizziness, edema, constipation, significant weight gain, numbness, etc.) a woman is experiencing discomfort associated with their appearanceview: improved brittle nails, broken teeth, deteriorating condition of the hair and skin, the appearance of pimples and rashes, age spots, especially on the face (so-called "mask of pregnancy").Blurred figure can surprise in the form of skin stretch marks (st

riae) on the belly and chest, then get rid of that is possible only with the help of a specialist.And the very shape of the breast varies considerably.Consider the possible measures that can take future mom, to minimize the impact of such unpleasant surprises.


for growing breast unacceptable tightness and discomfort and, first of all for health.We'll have to defer to the far shelf waiting for the end of the feeding period, all unsuitable bra (which would be beautiful and they were not exclusive) and get a couple of cotton unpretentious, but comfortable and feel free breast (preferably seedless).If you want to change them for the growth of the breast.COTTON - because in some cases, during pregnancy manifest intolerance of artificial materials.Sincechest poured and heavier, to preserve its shape is not recommended to remove a bra at bedtime.To maintain breast health and to prepare for the coming feeding, you need every day to wash the breast with warm soapy water and wipe with a towel nipples hard.This "hardening" nipple subsequently help move the process easier feeding and avoid cracking.Modern cosmetology offers special moisturizing creams and gels for breast prevents stretch marks.Do not neglect such proposals - specialized cosmetic company working in the field of maternal and child for years, can significantly alleviate the suffering of both the future and held mummies.


prevent the appearance of pigmentation during pregnancy is almost impossible, sinceThis process goes on hormonal levels, but you can reduce its manifestation.You must use the cosmetic creams with special protection from the sun and not to abuse the finding in the sun at all.The appearance of rashes and pimples is often associated with the use cosmetics.Despite the fact that you may use the same name for several years, and it has already proved its effectiveness, it is worth remembering that the hormonal changes going on in the new system of active growth of the components of any of the usual cream you may well be rejected by the bodyas inappropriate.To achieve improvements can try a different type of care, but if no creams do not work, resort to natural means grandmother.Excellent substitute moisturizer can act natural oil, such as olive oil.However, there is no evidence to ensure that the cosmetics in general to give up.Just when it is selected, to be more critical and exclude cosmetics containing ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.


Tooth decay, as well as future moms and nails due to the active formation and strengthening of the skeleton of the future baby throughout pregnancy, in connection with which he literally "pulls" from a woman's body calcium.If it does not fill in the required amounts - it will affect the body and the child and the mother.Thus, only the surface care - teeth cleaning and strengthening of nails with special nail oils and other means will not solve the problem.It is necessary to systematically take calcium supplements to make up its reserves in the body and satisfy the need for it baby.Often, part of the calcium complex of vitamins for pregnant women, but if the problem does not retreat, you must check what dose of calcium and vitamin complexes that you are taking and how it satisfies your toddler daily requirement for calcium.Recommendations in this regard will surely give your doctor.


most pregnant questions arise about the changing shape.Will it be the same after childbirth?Answer - able only to do this, make some efforts, both during pregnancy and after birth.The growing belly as increasing breast mercilessly stretches the skin and to prevent the occurrence of striae (stretch marks) is recommended to regularly moisturize the skin of the abdomen.It is best to use for this again specialized creams containing special ingredients, the effect of which is directly aimed at improving the elasticity of the skin.After the sixth month of pregnancy, when the baby all the vital organs are already formed, the stomach goes into active growth.By the eighth month has a serious physical stress on the entire body moms.To improve health, reduce stress and prevent sagging stomach is recommended to wear a special belt - bandage.Bandages are antenatal, postnatal and universal.Hide certainly help change the shape of clothes.However, as you would not want to look smaller its size - it is not necessary to wear Waist things, it could greatly damage the developing fetus and your health as well.Clothing in no case be closer or uncomfortable.Modern fashion model for pregnant women, combined with clever use of accessories will plunge you into a new world of pregnancy, raise the spirits and help to forget about the illness.The same goes for shoes.And, of course, to maintain good health and physical health has not been canceled sports exercises.Only here it is with exercise need to be especially careful and try to approach this question correctly, becauseNow your training will look very different.Much of what you used to do in a normal state, can now be unacceptable and even dangerous.Therefore, to maintain physical activity recommended walks in the fresh air and special exercises for pregnant women.Regular training exercises are adapted for each gestational age, in the form of help to maintain your muscle mass, strengthen the back and legs (to them during pregnancy to go to the biggest load), to avoid stagnation and edema.As with any physical activity, stimulates circulation and exercises in this case, the oxygen saturation of the fetus.

Now you know how to look good while pregnant!Be beautiful and well maintained!

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