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Care for fine hair, mask for fine hair

Thin hair can be dry and greasy, and they need to be washed as their pollution.For thin hair are best seen sebum, dirt than thick hair.Therefore such hair washed often.Constant use of curlers, hairdryers, styling products, greatly damage the delicate hair.Thin hair shampoos contraindicated "2 in 1" or harsh shampoos.We need to use nourishing serum with vitamins, ceramides, amino acids.For fine hair are not suitable smoothing balms, they only aggravate hair.

Herbal infusion of burdock roots
Take 2 tablespoons of dry powdered roots of burdock Fill cup boiling water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, let it brew.Then drain and rub into the roots of the hair 2 times a week.

Mask for fine hair
Among the popular means of well-proven burdock oil, it has a regenerative and bactericidal properties.It is applied to clean hair, wrap head with a towel and hold about 1 hour.Then wash off.Pomassiruem hair for 10 minutes, rub into the skin of linseed oil before washing and then apply it over the entire length.

mask for fine hair with oat flakes
Oatmeal grind in a coffee grinder, mix with warm water to a state of pulp and apply on hair.Hold for 15 mine, then rinse thoroughly.

mask for fine hair with egg yolk
Mix egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, vzobem.Smear this mixture of hair and wrapped it with a towel.After 30 minutes, carefully will wash his head.

mask of thin hair with black bread
mash black bread with mineral water and rub in hair.We hold 10 minutes, then well smoem, dry and immediately comb.

How to give your hair volume
dried up hunk of rye bread without crust, or a handful of rye bran fill with ½ cup light beer, give bread to swell, to obtain a slurry.Mix until smooth a pinch of dry mustard, 1 tablespoon of honey, add to the swollen bread and mix.

put this weight on your scalp, distribute hair and put on his head a plastic bag or shower cap.After 20 minutes smoem mask running water.Mustard degrease hair, beer and bread enrich vitamin B, and the honey moisturizes the scalp.

Mask for fine hair
Half of the women believe that nature has endowed them too rare and fine hair.Thin hair much trouble during installation, often become brittle and dry quickly lose their shape, with a home masks can give volume to ensure adequate nutrition, can enhance fine hair.We will offer you an effective home masks recipes, which are suitable for the care of thin hair.

Egg mask thin dry hair

Vzobem 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.The resulting mixture is applied to the hair and put on warming cap.Half an hour later we will wash the head with shampoo.The mask gives the hair shine and restores the structure of thin hair.

Colorless henna

The small amount of water dissolve henna, resulting slurry Apply to the hair roots and are distributed over the entire length.Insulate your head, leave the mask on for 10 minutes.Smoem henna warm water.

Milk Mask
Take ½ cup of warm milk and mix with 2 tablespoons of buckwheat flour.Add 1 egg.The resulting mixture is applied to the hair along the entire length, wrapped head cellophane.After 30 minutes, the mask smoem shampoo.Mask well strengthens thin hair.

Bread mask
soak in mineral water brown bread.Strain through cheesecloth weight and plot massaged on the hair.After 10 minutes, the mask thoroughly smoem.Bread mask adds volume and restores delicate hair.

Oatmeal for fine hair
Oatmeal grind in a coffee grinder or buy oatmeal.Mix the flour with a small amount of warm water.The resulting slurry is coated on the thin hair and insulated head.After 20 minutes, thoroughly wash out the hair with warm water.

Mineral conditioner for thin hair
Plain mineral water is ideal for the care of thin hair.It enriches hair minerals, strengthens, making them obedient.Head to rinse with mineral water without gas after washing the hair.

Cosmetic clay
clay was used for a long time in cosmetology.Thanks to the rich mineral composition - silica, magnesium, zinc, calcium, nitrogen, iron, the clay has a great effect on the scalp and hair, and strengthens weak hair thin.Blue clay is applied on a roll of thin hair, and white clay improves the structure of hair.

mask out of clay for fine hair
Take 1 gram of alum, 30 grams of white clay mixed with water to form a slurry.The resulting mixture is applied to the hair.After 20 minutes, the mask smoem.The mask for oily hair thin, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

mask for fine hair with a decoction of cabbage
2 sheets of white cabbage, chop it to a state of pulp, add 2 tablespoons of starch and stir.Before washing the head Apply the mask on the hair roots.Put on your head plastic bag over it Tie scarf.After 30 minutes, will wash your hair with shampoo.

mask for fine hair
Themselves Thin hair is not a problem for their owner.The main thing to do masks for fine hair, strengthen them, care for them properly, be able to choose a hairstyle.At home, you can pick up recipes for wraps scalp of the available products.The mask restores the hair of their scope and beauty.

Tips stylists
Hardly ever thin hair become thick and heavy.But with proper care is not difficult to be always in fashion, do not worry about hair loss, it is easy to give a visual appeal and the amount of hair.Stylists are advised to eat more foods that are rich in tyrosine - seeds, nuts and bananas.Zinc - boiled meat, black bread, bran, seafood.It is best to use the funds labeled "fine hair" or with the content of rice and wheat.

Do not comb wet hair and dry them with a towel, because you can break the structure of the hair.Clean washed hair only need to get wet washcloth to remove moisture and give them self-dry, then comb comb infrequent.For fine hair stylists recommend to choose a hairstyle for fine hair, and the optimum length should be up to the earlobes, or to the chin.Haircut, made by a professional stylist - will help to achieve the effect of multi-level volume.It is not enough to give hair a healthy look hairstyle.For fine hair should be able to take care of.It will help mask made from natural ingredients.

Traditional recipes of masks for the supply of fine hair
Mask for fine hair need to nourish their strength and strengthen hair.The recipes are tested by many generations and find more fans because of its environmental purity and naturalness.

Mask of black bread
bread mixed with mineral water and rub into the hair, hold for 20 minutes, then smoem.Hair dry, then immediately comb.Or, take a crumb of bread brew boiling water, mash until smooth and apply on the scalp.Tie a handkerchief and hold it for 30 or 40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and smoem solution of mineral water.

Mask of oatmeal flakes
grind in a coffee grinder, mix with water at room temperature to a state of pulp and apply on fine hair.We hold 20 or 30 minutes, rinse well to have been washed away all the remnants of the mask.

Mask for hair growth
Take 3 tablespoons of spring water, a handful of oat or rice flakes, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 2 chicken yolk.Peremel flakes in a coffee grinder, diluted with water.The resulting slurry introduce butter and egg yolks.The ingredients are mixed and apply to damp scalp and hair for 40 minutes.Smoem, dried hair and comb.The procedure is performed at least 1 time per week.

mask of blue clay
Dilute blue clay, according to the instruction until thick sour cream, apply to wet hair and leave for 15 or 20 minutes.Then head pomassiruem, will wash the hair.The frequency of repetition of a clay mask 1 or 2 times in 10 days.This mask disinfects and cleans the scalp, increases metabolism in the skin cells

These recipes masks for hair and good shampoo, after use hair is shiny and beautiful.Regular imposition of these masks on your hair for a few months make hair stronger and more robust.

masks volume
volume hair can be given using the shampoo-mask based on egg yolk, connect it with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and apply thin hair.Hold for 30 minutes, then smoem.This composition will give volume and shine to hair.


mask volume to fine hair consists of a sachet of dry yeast, dissolve ½ cup of warm milk and leave for 15 minutes.Then add the 2 egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.Apply on hair're coming out with cellophane, top with a towel and hold for 1 hour.

infusion of birch leaves
Take 4 tablespoons of birch leaves, add 1.5 cups of hot water.Infuse for 15 or 20 minutes, drain.Rub into the scalp after washing.

nourishing hair mask
vzobem egg and mix with 1 teaspoon of honey and sunflower oil.This mixture rub into the roots of the hair, wrap head for half an hour.Then wash out with shampoo.A very useful and nutritious beauty thin hair is nourishing mask.

Useful hair mask
Take 3 tablespoons of spring water, rice or oat flakes, 3 egg yolks, 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Flakes grind in a coffee grinder, add water to the state of slurry.The resulting mixture add 3 whipped egg yolk, and olive oil.All the mix.Mask Apply to wet hair for 40 minutes.Then rinse hair well with warm water, mix thoroughly smoem residues, dry and immediately comb.Makes 1 time per week.This mask nourishes and strengthens thin hair.

Errors care for fine hair
According to medical recommendations selected mask for fine hair.If there are contraindications for receiving certain foods that cause allergies, it is better to abandon these recipes masks.Traditional recipes have a minimum of contraindications.When applying the mask feels uncomfortable, it is best to stop the procedure, the remains of tools and wash, rinse under running water.The fundamental error of care for fine hair is a great use of lacquers, mousses daily to wash the head, give hair volume.These procedures are bad for the condition of the hair, resulting in hair loss.Fine hair with competent and skillful care of packing can be proud woman.

Now that we know what should be care for fine hair, mask for fine hair.It is important to appreciate what nature gave you, and skillfully manage this wealth.There is no ugly women, only lazy women and inept.

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