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How to make smooth, shiny hair

Unfortunately, many girls love to experiment in the pursuit of the perfect hair and beauty hair.But not all are willing to take responsibility for the result after many years.If you do not want 40 to deal with early hair loss, or a couple of years after intake of calcium - to get to the hospital with "cemented" surplus vessels that element, listen to recommendations on how to make smooth, shiny hair.

almost instant results

hair really shiny by ironing.They begin by straightening literally shine.And the effect is much more noticeable on dark hair.And in any case, dark hair shine more clearly than any light.So if you dye your hair - good paint will help them shine beautifully.Pay attention to the ends of hair - if they are too dry, it certainly will reduce the effect of the beautiful splendor to nothing.

also perfectly valid good care.Shampoos should definitely go with balsam or air conditioning, they should approach your hair type and supplemented with complete vehicle's Skin (hair mask, for

example) that is used once a week.And that is after its application noticeable instant results - hair become obedient and at the same time shining.This is the main part of the recipe, which allows to make smooth, shiny hair.

Hair Treatment

should also mention that the answer to the question "how to make smooth, shiny hair instantly?" Does not happen, if there is a health problem.Many diseases quietly eroding primordial feminine beauty, killing live shine.Noticing this time is quite difficult.But if you care about your health and know about the state of the body - hair, too, can help.

In this case you first need to cure inveterate sore or help the body to overcome the crisis, and then to engage in beauty.How to make smooth, shiny hair that acute state of the disease is removed?Very simple: not to save and invest in a good vitamin complex.

special "female" for vitamins and invented.Moreover, if you want to not only have smooth shiny hair tangled instead of "dandelion" on the head, but also improve the condition of skin, nails, have clear eyes and make yourself "candy", will have to take them regularly.This is especially true for the autumn-spring period.

The environment

hair iron, special styling every day - they are not the best way affects the condition of hair.Do everything to smooth shiny hair pleased every day possible.But at the same time it is also harmful to the health of, and one day you may find that hair fall, split and began to go awry.What to do?

possible, you should pay attention to the care of his choosing at the current state of the environment.Violent April sun - the answer is simple: the right care with UV filters.Winter cold - too right, but "winter" shampoo and conditioner.

Lamination of hair reduces the load on the hair, regular routines that you can often only in the cabin - all this, of course, expensive and sometimes very "bite" on the price tag, but the result will be felt very quickly.And after all this - beautiful, smooth and shiny hair - we sought, and are willing to do anything for this?

it always wise to show their beauty?

course, if you have a smooth waterfall of hair, healthy beauty and luster of silk, like to show it all over the world.But sometimes wise to keep their hair.Swimming, Camping, steam bath and sauna - just a small list of procedures and conditions when reasonable care of the hair.Amazing hairstyle, crazy paving and require a huge amount of funds - foams, gel, mousse - also better to do less often, only in very important events and holidays.And the rest of the natural beauty can be removed under the cap in a bun - and remain satisfied with their achievement, tenderness silk hair, which was so beloved and want to show, and colleagues - and everyone around him.

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