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Hair loss causes and treatment

Often, people do not assess the situation correctly.Having found a few hairs in the comb, they panic - this is the beginning of baldness.Meanwhile partially lose hair every day - this is quite a normal process.It is important to know the precise point where it ends and begins the rate of pathology.Experts say that only the loss of more than 100 hairs per day for a bear warning signs.

Why do we lose hair?

Various factors can cause hair loss.Mechanical causes of hair loss in adult human, especially a woman, hair can be uncomfortable.If the hair was pulled into a ponytail, tight braids or are constantly under a handkerchief - they begin to loosen and fall out.In these cases simply change your hairstyle.If this is done early enough, your hair will grow normally and the number of full recovery.Too late intervention can not help.The web becomes irreversible due to the loss of follicles - baldness is not avoided, in spite of various methods of treatment.There

toxic causes of hair loss - there is most

ly a result of poisoning, for example, thallium, arsenic, mercury.In the case of thallium poisoning manifest characteristic changes in the structure of the hair.They are clearly visible on microscopic examination.Alopecia occurs in about 2 weeks after entering the body of poison.Hair loss is almost completed after about 6-8 weeks.Inpatient treatment of poisoning primarily delivers the antidote to the body and save the lives of patients.

Excessive hair loss during and after infectious diseases caused mainly by an increase in temperature.Also related reasons - is getting into the body of toxic substances and food shortages arising during illness.Increased hair loss usually occurs within 2-4 months after the onset of fever.Also, hair loss may be encountered in the course of syphilis.Of course, syphilis requires special treatment that usually accelerates the regrowth of hair.Some systemic diseases such as lupus erythematosus, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism entail baldness.Treatment of the hair loss is only achieved by treating the underlying disease.

There is also such a thing as medical hair loss.Its causes - is receiving cytotoxic and immunosuppressive drugs used in tumor diseases.In dermatology, for example, they are used in severe cases of psoriasis.Hair loss can begin as early as after 3 weeks of treatment.Also, antithyroid drugs, anticoagulants, or birth control pills can cause hair loss.Hair may fall unduly during disease or body skin of the scalp.For example, the loss of hair with shingles usually occurs in the form of bursts.Treatment consists of prolonged use of general and local antifungal agents.

Hair loss in women

Women hair loss is most often associated with hormonal disorders, especially during pregnancy and menopause.Androgenetic hair loss is caused by elevated levels of androgens and genetic factors.Hair loss is especially clearly seen behind the ears and on the top of the head.Often accompanied by excessive fat scalp.In the case of hyperandrogenism need for further diagnosis and treatment of endocrine system.

In other cases, it is believed that hair follicles more sensitive to androgens contained in a woman's body.This "sensitivity" may be genetically determined.You can use contraceptives with estrogen content or anti-androgens.Experts often recommend products with the addition of estrogen, which is currently a lot of in our market.They are for oral administration and also for outdoor use, but they can be used only under a strict medical control.Some of these drugs are able to simultaneously reduce sebum production.

Hair loss can be a symptom of various diseases, such as reducing the level of serum iron (sometimes without any symptoms of anemia), nervous, hormonal disorders.Women with a family history of hair loss should be used with caution in any hair products - shampoos, paints, etc.This condition is often accompanied by a sense of tension and irritation of the scalp.

Treatment of women with a strong hair loss generally begins with the exclusion of other diseases that require further research.If you feel the tension in the scalp, it is recommended the introduction of large doses of vitamin E are specific to the irritation of the scalp use of steroids.In all such cases, it is not recommended to paint the hair and do perms and tight stacking.To wash should use a mild shampoo without dyes and aramatizatorov.

Each case of hair loss, causes, and treatments that can be set, should be carefully examined by a dermatologist.Sometimes in collaboration with other professionals, who may appoint an appropriate treatment.It should be remembered that, in connection with a typical cycle of hair growth even after successful treatment is restored not earlier than after 2-3 months of starting treatment.

Postnatal Hair Loss

during pregnancy increases the secretion of estrogen, which inhibit hair loss.The sudden reduction of these hormones after birth and causes intense hair loss.Diffuse thinning occurs between the 11th and 16th week after the birth.Hair grows spontaneously, without treatment, within 6 months.

Other causes of hair damage

Hair loss can be caused by hormonal disorders of the adrenal cortex, thyroid, pituitary, gonads.Baldness and thinning of hair can be caused by malnutrition, especially at a protein deficiency, and the absence of certain heavy metals (e.g., iron or zinc).The role of eating disorders in recent years is very important in connection with the widespread trend to reduce weight with the help of "miracle diets" without consulting a doctor.

Some types of baldness can exacerbate or even trigger stress and psychological trauma.Adverse effects also provides radiation.Relatively high doses of radiation (X-rays 350) resulting in hair loss in a few days.Hair grows back after 6 weeks.The dose which causes permanent hair loss is approximately 1,500 x-rays.

harmful external factors, such as hair dyes, paints, lotions, etc., are usually not able to damage the hair follicle.But they can adversely affect the hair itself.They may be partially or completely fall out, it is true then grow back again.These assessments were made during microscopic examination.

Patchy hair loss

This occurs mainly in men, and children, but also occurs in women.There is often a characteristic skin lesions with complete hair loss.Cause of the disease is not fully understood.It is probably an autoimmune or genetic basis.Treatment of alopecia areata (hair loss), it usually takes several months and should be under a doctor's supervision.The measures are applied locally under the influence of drugs, and generally help to strengthen hair follicles.In these preparations required, for example, the content of micronutrients.

Did you know?

Hair removal (removal) Hair mechanical and chemical process entails a phase transition of hair follicles from the resting to the growth phase.

Haircut and shave, widely accepted way to deal with an increase in hair growth, in fact, does not affect him.

Trihotilomaniya - hair pulling - is a reflex of the field of psychopathy.It occurs almost exclusively in children with neurosis.