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Everything you want to know about the hair?

an accident that some diets are aimed at the same time to strengthen hair and nails?And what products are most iron deficiency which causes hair loss?To answer these and other questions, you first need to know how to do her hair arranged, what function they perform and that can be reflected in their state.

How do they work?

Hair grows from the hair follicle.Each hair consists of stem cells (that part which projects above the surface of the skin), the root (follicle), hair follicles - matrix cells containing dyes papilla, sheaths, sebaceous glands and muscles.Hair is one of the fastest growing tissues in the body.In the hair there is an inner and outer shell.

Each person has a different hair color.During this meet special substances - melanocytes.They are concentrated in the upper part of the hair on the outer sheath just above the mouth of the sebaceous glands.Melanocytes contain grains of various types of dyes.Their task is to transfer dye to the cells of the hair follicle.Hair color depends on

heredity and from the race.Dark-skinned people are never blondes.And vice versa - People with fair skin are usually blond hair.

main component of the hair and its building material is keratin.This amino acid.Which is produced at all in varying degrees, in different amounts and at different duration of time.Another very important and other amino acids - cystine, arginine, glycine, tyrosine, phenylalanine and lysine.If they are produced is not enough - the hair dull and lifeless.And no amount of shampoo (that would not be promised advertising) here can not help.Therefore, to strengthen and improve the condition of the hair need to act comprehensively - to improve nutrition, lifestyle change is possible.Taking hormones.Only then the effect will be achieved in full.

How to grow hair?

Hair does not grow continuously.After a while they grow to their maximum length and fall.In their place, others grow.And so all the time - we lose hair and acquire new return.The life cycle consists of three distinct periods: the phase of involution of the hair follicle rest phase and the growth phase.During the growth phase of the establishment of new hair begins to gradually increase to the level of the sebaceous glands, and then to the surface of the epidermis, and then protrude above its surface.Most of the hair on the head of a healthy person in the growth phase, whereas only 10% of the hair - in the resting phase.On the head should be at least 85% of the hair in the growth stage.
duration of the hair cycle is very diverse.On the head it takes about 4 years (sometimes up to 25 years).Hair can reach more than 2 meters long.In addition, they are the fastest growing human hair.The average rate of hair growth is around 0.35 mm per day.
growth phase male bristles lasts about 40 weeks.At eyelash growth cycle - from 3 to 5 months.In children, the hair in resting period in the first six months more than adults.Their hair length at birth may reach several centimeters.Moreover, the child may be born with black hair, and then they are completely replaced by light, and vice versa.
hair falls and that's fine.During the day we lose about 100 hairs - a physiological norm.Abnormal hair loss may be associated with disruption of the normal functioning of our body.Remember that hair has a high diagnostic value.They state, in many cases, you can tell everything about a person's health.

What affects the condition of the hair?

If you want to have beautiful hair - you should know the basic things about hair.And here is the important fact that can affect the condition of the hair.In fact, many factors affect our hair, their density, rate of growth, physiological and biochemical composition.


it plays a very important role.Status human hair clearly shows how well balanced and nourished its owner.For example, after two weeks of using rigid diet tips of the hair immediately atrophy and thinning occurs throughout the hair sheath.

Amino acids - the hair must be provided by them to the full, because this is necessary for their growth.This has been shown in animal experiments that the role of the amino acid cystine simply overestimated.That is its deficiency leads to hair loss.Methionine deficiency, in turn, causes dry and brittle hair.Deficiency of tryptophan - the main cause of hair loss, and in the absence of cysteine ​​hair loses shine and strength.

Carbohydrates - the hair must be the right amount of energy in any form, as they are characterized by a high metabolism.After all the hair is one of the fastest growing human tissue.And carbohydrates must-hair light, pure and simple.To do this, it is very important to arrange proper nutrition.

Vitamins - hair is very sensitive to their disadvantage, in particular vitamin A. This vitamin is a typical clinical factor in the changes occurring in the hair.It is also very important for the eyes - the lack of it can even lead to blindness and irreversible changes in the cornea.For hair as vitamin A is simply irreplaceable, because without it, the hair becomes very weak, dry and brittle.

Trace elements - their deficits have a significant impact on the growth of hair.The most important trace elements include zinc, iron and copper.Zinc deficiency can cause, among other clinical signs for hyperkeratosis of the skin and hair.The daily demand for zinc is about 2 mg.This element is very difficult absorbed (absorbed only about one-sixth of the produced food) and is easily excreted in the feces, urine and sweat.Therefore, despite the sufficient amount of zinc in the diet (10-15 mg) people often experience a deficit.Copper deficiency leads to discoloration and structural changes in the hair.An example of such a situation are pathological changes, such as Menkes syndrome - a genetically determined defect in copper transport in the gastrointestinal tract.Iron deficiency can cause hair loss.An example of this is sideropenia women that leads to diffuse hair loss.

In the case of micronutrients should be noted first that they penetrate into the hair itself, then in their roots.These trace elements may include elements such as arsenic and selenium.The hair can penetrate and other substances from the environment.An example of this is the absorption of hair lead, which can be found in a part of the stem protruding hair.Heavy metal poisoning (lead) and other elements (selenium, arsenic) may cause complete baldness.

Hormonal factors

great importance for the growth of hair are hormonal factors.An example could be the action of androgens, such as testosterone.Androgens stimulate the growth of hair on the head, and are responsible for male pattern baldness.Baldness is a genetic disease.Hair cells are coded information about their susceptibility to the male hormone - testosterone.When a person reaches puberty, testosterone causes the hair on the head (in specific areas) become thinner.Hair follicles undergo atrophy.


Do not underestimate the serious impact of this factor on the condition of the hair.Often it causes increased hair loss and even hair loss may occur.Sometimes we try to treat the hair, scalp, spend a lot of time and money on expensive drugs, but they do not produce results.But we need only improve our life situation, discard the excitement and stress - and the hair themselves become healthier, thicker and more beautiful.You, too, experienced this?

hair fall out - what does it mean?

Usually all you want to know - the hair falls out, or just to have a good reason.If the hair fall out more than they should - you need to look for the causes of dysfunction of internal organs, hormonal problems or deficiencies in nutrients.Sometimes in that situation it is possible, after consultation with the doctor, to achieve positive results by changing the diet.Sometimes it helps to hormone therapy.In rare cases, surgery is required - hair transplant surgery.But the main thing - the hair speak very much.And their "signals" can not be ignored.Hair never vyladayut just - be sure to pay attention to it and try something to do with it.

Study hair

Through research, you can: to determine the degree of hair loss, to assess the condition of the hair root, calculate the percentage of hairs in the active growth phase, involution and rest.Basic research - spectrophotometry.Helps determine the amount of micronutrients (e.g., zinc, copper, iron) in the hair reveals the lack of metal required for hair growth, determines the degree of intoxication with harmful substances.The World Health Organization has chosen diagnosis of hair to assess the impact of toxic substances on the human body.Only this method provides a detailed picture overall health.

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