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Types of hair perm

In this way approach to conducting the procedure waving significantly advanced at the moment allowing the curled hair, their minimum while injured.New tools help avoid the risk of harm to the hair at a chemical wave.

Drugs affecting hair, which became softer measures such as ammonia, used them in a minimal amount, hardly ever used an alkaline composition, and acid are selected as much as possible sparing.

What types of perms exist?

By the method of the wave is divided into chemical and temporary.Timing can be done at home, but she keeps very little time.Chemical is an experienced master in the cabin and the ability to keep a long time.

Before proceed to perm, you need to know that it can not be carried out during pregnancy or lactation, if you are being treated by hormonal therapy or newly colored hair.

Depending on how was made perm, it is divided into the following categories:

  • spiral;
  • «on stud";
  • Radical;
  • «twin";
  • on curlers;
  • with a second twisting bobbins;
  • «to braid";
  • «baby».

During the creation of a perm on hair curlers provided the impression of natural light curly wavy curls.

If the spiral perm, the hair is stacked in a spiral, are twisted by small rings are not intertwined.This kind of curling can be recommended for those who have long hair.

Suffice it looks trivial way of curling with a twist of the second bobbin, where the curls of different sizes are obtained.This occurs because of the method of execution in which the first part of the hair is wound on a bobbin, and then twisted by the second.

When perms "on pin" effect created by lush curls that look very good for those who have hair shoulder length or longer.

Also at great length hair looks good way to perm "to braid", when the strands are woven in tight little braids, twisted at the ends on the bobbin.

Chemical waving Radical held when required pomp at the roots, with only the portion of processed strands, which fits closely to the scalp or in the case previously subjected chemical wave of hair growing back and have to do the curls from the hair roots.

Type waving "children" is the most intrusive option.At the same time, as well as with the weave, the head should be put on a plastic cap, via holes in it to pull the strands and make regular perm.

Features of the technology wave of "twin" can be called the effect produced, in which the strands of the curl in the form of horizontal curls and the other part - in the form of vertical.

Depending on how the impact of the materials used and the wave can be divided into the following types:

  • amino acid;
  • acid-based;
  • based acid using tioglyukolievoy acid;
  • neutral;
  • alkaline.

acid-based perm has the strongest effect, suitable for all hair and provides a long-term stable fixation.

Curling carried out on the basis of acid with tioglyukolievoy acid has a neutral pH and therefore less harmful to the hair, without causing severe swelling.However, this method is not suitable for curling straight hair and smooth as a very short-lived.

When the amino acid is used as a wave of drugs that allow to saturate the hair and contribute to their speedy recovery.

Alkaline perm milder effect of acid, but its effect lasts an average of about three months, and it does not fit all.However, it allows you to achieve the effect of naturalness of the natural hair.

Neutral perm operates smoothly and evenly, suitable for all hair types.