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Medical perm

secret of Japanese medical perm lies in a special complex which is identical in composition to a biological membrane hair cells.This unique feature makes the treatment components to penetrate the hair shaft, and it is there to provide a therapeutic effect, including restoring the structure of damaged hair.In other words, this perm strengthens the bonds within the hair.In addition, each cell is saturated with moisture, making hair shiny and vibrant.Medical complex serves as a building material in bleached and bruised styling.From this recreated the damaged areas of the hair.

addition, therapeutic wave has another advantage - it is self-leveling formula.That is, the composition is evenly distributed over the surface of the hair and gently smooths all scales, giving the shock of hair shine and serves as a reliable protection against damage.

modern means as the basis of the Japanese wave.

conventional means for chemical zavivok in its composition contains an acid or alkali, damaging the hair struct

ure.Joint Sino-German company has developed a technology Goldwell Evolution.It is based on the fact that the chemical destruction of curling does not occur, and tensile s-covalent bonds.The composition has a neutral reaction (pH), so it is suitable even bleached and dyed hair.

Goldwell Perm fully meet:

  • delicate hair care.Innovative Evolution has no analogues in the world.This qualitative composition with a neutral value of pH, which affects the hair gently and carefully.Modern cosmetics enable to achieve beautiful, elastic and shiny curls health.
  • Improving the structure and condition of the hair, the treatment effect.Evolution Cosmetic preparations contain in their composition cationic lipids and polymers, which protect hair from external influences uniformly swirled strands throughout.Components biomebranu restore hair, promote hair regeneration processes.
  • Saving saturated color.The unique technology of Evolution is based on a special system Color Maintain System, to protect and preserve color.Components permanently retain the right tone colored hair.

For what hair suits Complex Evolution.

Japanese Innovation Complex Evolution has a neutral pH - close to 7.2, so it is absolutely safe for the structure of the hair and scalp of the epithelium.

shown that Japanese perm can be used for different types of hair:

  1. category 0 - is used for thick, tough, unruly hair;
  2. Category 1 - designed for normal and fine hair;
  3. category 1 "Soft" - designed to split and brittle, melirovannyh to 30% of the hair;
  4. category 2 - used for porous, melirovannyh to 30-60% of the hair;
  5. category 2 "Soft" - designed to blondirovannyh bleached, melirovannyh more than 60% of hair.

The useful range of Evolution.

Perm Technology Evolution runs with unique products, based Lipid-Care-Complex abbreviated LC2.This lipid-hydrating complex that performs such functions:

  • regulates the moisture, retains moisture inside the hair;
  • restores damaged horny layer of hair (regeneration) and makes the structure of the hair more elastic;
  • feeds and nourishes the cuticles nutrients and minerals;
  • protects hair from negative influence of environmental factors.On exposure to the sun, hair dryer and other undesirable factors protect the hair cationic polymers.Their patented formula and composition of the manufacturer.

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