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How to remove paint from the hair folk remedies?


Kefir - one of the best tools for removing paint spovrezhdennyh hair.There are three prescription.In the first case, sdelatpastu of lemon juice and add it to yogurt.After eliksirprigotovlen, apply it to the hair and to wait five to pyatnadtsatiminut.Rinse hair.

There are also more aggressive method.Pour kefira.Vozmite two hundred grams of chicken eggs, squeeze the juice from a whole lemon, cook chetyrestolovyh tablespoons of vodka and a teaspoon of shampoo, which urovenkislotno high-alkaline balance (Ph).The resulting mixture was stir well irazotrite hair.Insulate head with cling film or a cap that vyodevaete in the pool, and then cover the head with a towel.Wait vosemchasov, then rinse with a mixture of cold water and apply a nourishing balm.


Another folk remedy that helps remove paint svolos - baking soda.Take the shampoo and equally mix it USSF.The resulting mixture rub volosam.Podozhdite for five to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.Srazuposle end put on hair condit

ioner.This will help izbezhatpovrezhdeniya hair structure.

By the previous method, you can add a mask of honey kotorayabez problems discolor hair.As a result, they take a golden hue natural shine.First, as discussed earlier, wash your hair with shampoo ipischevoy soda, then dry the hair with a towel and apply a layer of any naturalnogomeda.Head wrapped in a towel or foil and wait ten.During this time, the honey will begin to secrete a substance that is similar in composition to the composition of the hydrogen peroxide.It onoobestsvetit your hair naturally.

Vegetable oils

Some girls prefer to use olive mayonnaise Maslow.They put them in equal proportion to the hair and wait for one or dvachasa.Thereafter, the head was washed, warmed its towel and finally washed again.

Another recipe - kombinatsiyarastitelnyh oils.This will require to take four lozhkimindalnogo, linseed, olive, burdock oil, plus four tablespoons of beer.Vsetschatelno mix and apply for four hours on the hair.Rinse your head with any shampoo and conditioner takzhevospolzuytes chamomile.And if you want to kraskasmylas well, you have to wash your hair the mixture every time moetegolovu.Oils moisturize and perfectly pitayutlokony, making them elastic and at the same time prevent them dry and brittle.


Chamomile - certainly an effective tool in the fight skraskoy hair.It copes with a bang with the function of lightening the hair and can easily neutralize any paint.Fill fifty grams of chamomile hot water, add two hundred and fifty grams of rhubarb and pour a little green chaya.Zavarivat be for an hour.Then wash the head broth and keep about half an hour.Then wash all ivysushit hair.

second recipe.Take two tablespoons of dried chamomile and zavariteee in hot water.Insist is necessary for ten minutes.During zavarkinakroyte cover.The resulting solution will have to be poured into a bowl and dobavitopredelennoe amount of warm water.Derzhitev it's head for about ten minutes and then rinse with plain water all.Vysushitegolovu.The first effect will poslepervogo application.If hotitezakrepit result, repeat the procedure every day for seven days.


addition to folk remedies, you can use shampunem.Srazu after painting wash them down.

Another option - to mix-fourth of shampoo bottles sdvumya or three askorbinku, receiving a thick mixture.Then all etonanesti to your hair and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes.After rinse with water and dry their hair.This process will be repeated neodin times, until such time as all the paint will not leave the hair.After washing hair with shampoo nuzhnopomyt.

Wash off black kraskudoma

doubt, black is always in fashion and looks oneffektno and impressive.However, if your natural hair color namnogosvetlee, painted in dark - not the best idea.By bolshomurazocharovaniyu black paint is very saturated, so after painting eeiz wash hair - a very difficult task.

First of all, I want to warn - not at home nadoispolzovat different bleaches, even if vyuzhe earlier times this was done.Yes, bleach can handle the paint odnakoeto so dangerous process that you run the risk of permanently say goodbye to svoimigustymi hair.New will be dry and sparse, so do not vspominaytepro this venture.

If you do not help the natural remedies that bylipredstavleny above, you can try a few commercial washes.Please note the following ones:

  • Color Off by Estel;
  • Remover from Dikson;
  • Remake Color of Hair Light;
  • Art Color Off from Vitalitys;
  • Oxy Reload by Selective.

Of course, they will be able to solve the problem.But remember, wherewith they are much more aggressive than natural remedies.Rinse paint at pomoschinaturalnyh funds is effective and safe, but it does not apply to the interior pomeshaetperiodicheski to the masters.

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