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How to get rid of excess body hair tips


most common and easiest method of removing unwanted hair on the body.

Pros. Shaving - it's quick, easy and cheap.And relatively painless.

Cons. Flaws abound.Repeat the procedure is necessary, on average, each week.But the worse thing is that on the second day after shaving breaks caustic bristles.Also, quite often there is irritation, especially on sensitive skin.Careless handling of the machine threatens razor cuts.

Good advice. To shave went smoothly in every way, you need to know some of the subtleties.Before arm shaving machine tool, prepare the skin in the right areas.You can use the body scrub.Or spend a mechanical peeling, steaming skin rubbed hard sponge.Then apply a special gel or foam.Only then proceed to the removal of hair.Shave the hairs can be both in direction and against their growth.Shaving against the hair growth is a more thorough and growth - more gentle.Shave in the direction of hair growth recommended to owners of delicate and sensitive skin, as well a

s in particularly sensitive areas.After the procedure is necessary to wash off the shaving foam with cold water.It refreshes the skin and close pores.Do not forget to wipe dry skin and treat her moisturizer after shaving, which will remove the irritation.As for the razor, give preference to that which is intended for women.Remember: If the blade does not cut hairs from the first time you need to change the nozzle.

Contraindications. Even such mundane procedures there are contraindications.This is associated with a high probability of appearance of cuts.So, shaving is not recommended for varicose veins.In this case the cut may become the cause of thrombus.Do not use the razor for women who have problems with blood clotting.Diabetics also better to do without shaving, because they have even the smallest wounds do not heal for a long time.

hair removal elektrodepilyatora

Every year, manufacturers offer new and increasingly sophisticated elektrodepilyatory.Devices equipped with all kinds of nozzles, with special devices designed to cool the skin and relieve pain.As a result, a beautiful stylish little thing makes a false impression of simple and easy to get rid of pesky hairs.But there it was.This "lucky" to use this unit, certainly appreciated all the charm of a mechanical plucking hairs.

Pros. The procedure is quite effective: the next 2-3 weeks of hair removal can not remember.

Cons. Of course, the most important negative - it's painful.And as a result - a narrow field of application of the instrument.Typically, they are used only for the removal of hair on the legs.Furthermore, this method of depilation can cause microtraumas flaking and growing hair.This is due to the aggressive influence of the device.

Good advice. Before using elektrodepilyatora skin should be properly prepared: make a peeling and a good rub.It was only after 20 minutes to start waxing.Remember that hair removal is performed on the growth of hair.During the procedure, the device can not be strongly pressed to the body - it is traumatic for the skin.After the procedure of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body do not forget to lubricate the skin with a special lotion to soothe her.

Chemical depilation

essence of it is to remove unwanted body hair by using depilatories, which are issued in the form of gels, creams, lotions.They contain chemicals that dissolve the keratin structure of the hair.As a result, hairs are easily separated from the skin surface.

Pros. Chemical depilation passes easily and painlessly.

Cons. effect persists for long.In the event of certain parameters depilatories activity may decrease considerably.Since the chemicals have increased sensitivity to temperature and pH of the skin.There is a risk of allergic reactions and irritation.

Good advice. strictly follow the guidelines in the manual.Follow the diagram using the drug.Before applying depilatories necessary to skin test to determine sensitivity.Keep in mind that each depilatory for removing hair in a certain area and the concentration of chemicals in them will be different.Failure to do so could result in serious damage to the skin, until the chemical burns.After depilation rinse drug residues and apply to the skin a special cream or lotion.

Contraindications. In no case can not be applied in depilatories the eyelids and eyebrows, as this can cause burns of the mucous membranes.Excluding the use of chemical agents in the presence of depilation skin diseases, damaged or burned skin.Those who suffer from hay fever, it is necessary to carefully study the drug.Corrosive substances and plant extracts that are part of the drug can provoke allergic conjunctivitis and rhinitis.Asthmatics chemical depilation is also contraindicated.


It depilation using a special wax, which is made on the basis of bee.The wax strip is heated and applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth.After solidification of the wax strip is removed abruptly.

Pros. This procedure provides the most durable, as compared to other methods of hair removal effect.Regular waxing changes the structure of hair: they become thinner and weaker.

Good advice. Currently, there are many types of wax for depilation different zones.If necessary, you can wax depilate not only the skin of the legs or bikini area, but the area of ​​the skin above the upper lip, as well as to control the shape of the eyebrows.

Contraindications. should refrain from waxing women who has varicose veins or other vascular pathology feet.Do not apply the warm wax on underarms or bikini.Since lymph vessels are located, can not tolerate even the slightest heat.In this case it is better to use cold wax.When using colored wax grades chances of allergic reaction.Therefore, you must first carry out a skin test.

Electrolysis Electrolysis is carried out by specialists.For example, in beauty salons.The method is as follows.Fine needle is introduced at a certain angle to the zone of growth of unwanted hair.Then, an electric charge is applied, which reaches the hair bulb, and it is destroyed.

Pros. Electrolysis removes hair of any texture and color on the skin of any shade.After a few sessions, you will be able to get rid of unwanted hair.

Cons. procedure is very laborious.Since a needle is necessary to bring to each hair, you need to stock up on time and patience.With this method you can get rid of unwanted hair in almost any part of the body.The disadvantages of this method are its tenderness.For current affects not only the hair follicle, but also on the surrounding skin.Therefore, during the procedure, can not do without the use of pain medications - special creams and gels.However, skin irritation and redness intensive long run.

Good advice. Since damage the integrity of the skin there is a risk of infection, make sure that the master worked in gloves and use disposable needles.

Contraindications. avoid hyperpigmentation, within a few days after the electrolysis can not sunbathe.It is also not recommended to perform this procedure during pregnancy and lactation.Electrolysis is contraindicated those who suffer from acute or chronic disease of the skin, varicose veins, cancer.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair on the body.But also the most expensive.The essence of the method is that the skin area is directed laser beam.His energy is absorbed by the melanin pigments contained in the hair and provides them with color.As a result, the energy reaches the hair follicles and destroys it.

Pros. Laser hair removal is effective only on the hair without damaging the skin.Thanks to what can be successfully applied for the removal of hair in the most sensitive areas.During one session can be treated with a large surface (for example, the femur and tibia).Furthermore, the laser removes excellently vellus hair, including on the upper lip.You can sunbathe, both before and after the procedure, without being afraid to make dark spots.

Cons. Since the laser beam affects the melanin, this method of hair removal requires a good contrast of the skin and hair.Ideal for laser hair removal - the dark hair on light skin.But if the skin and dark hair, the laser will affect all pigments immediately.If the hair is lighter than the skin, laser hair removal does not apply.

Contraindications. laser hair removal can not be performed during pregnancy and lactation.It is also contraindicated in those who has acute or chronic disease of the skin, varicose veins, cancer.

Photoepilation Photoepilation - a method of getting rid of unwanted hairs by means of intensive high-momentum of the light source.The principle of operation is almost the same as in laser hair removal.

Pros. Painless and non-invasive procedures.

Cons. hairs fall out immediately after hair removal, but only a few days later.Laser hair removal does not help those who have lighter skin hair.

Contraindications. Acute and chronic skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), varicose veins, cancer.They should not be waxed during pregnancy and lactation.Not recommended for women with tanned body, as well as those who have skin prone to hyperpigmentation.

Each woman decides for themselves which method of hair removal hated preferred.However, getting rid of excess body hair, expert advice it is necessary to take into account.Of course, important is the end result - a smooth seductive leather.But the effort must be free of unpleasant consequences.Is not it?

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