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Beauty Secrets of Sophia Loren

Like Sophia Loren manages to retain the charm and beauty?
According to the actress, beauty requires careful maintenance and care, and no injections, implants, plastic will not do for your beauty as much as you give yourself to it if every day worked for her.You should begin with the creation of his image, because hair, makeup and costume contribute to the creation of the image.What should pay attention to first.Let's start from the beginning.


itself Sofia loves pasta.She weighs 60 kilograms during the growth of 173 centimeters and every 3 months to arrange a two-day unloading diet.This is not such a difficult diet, when 2 days to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink juices.As for the daily food, the Sofia advises, first there is protein foods for better absorption, and a few minutes to eat a salad, potatoes or porridge.Do not start the day, even if there is no appetite, with a cup of coffee, it is better to eat bread and fruit.This will give you a boost of energy for the whole day.The scie
ntists found the earlier breakfast person, the better to digest food.The saying about the rich breakfast and dinner donated by the enemy is still relevant.But before lunch should not be eaten, not a single piece.

right way to disease and obesity is snacking on the go.When you constantly chew, your internal organs are not resting, and these chocolates, nuts, chips turn to you pills.If you are hungry, drink mineral water or juice in between meals you need to drink more.Then your body is constantly cleansed of waste and pollution.

usual lunch is pasta pinup plus salad, a bit of fish or meat.Do not be afraid of pasta, they are easily digestible, because complex carbohydrates in a small amount required by the body to the brain can work normally.And besides pasta, this potato, rice, peas, beans.If they have, the feeling of hunger passes quickly, as decreases the level of sugar in the blood.For this reason, it is easier to lose weight on a diet that is rich in complex carbohydrates, they create a feeling of satiety, to replenish the body with the necessary energy, and then burn efficiently.

Here is a sample menu for 1 day movie stars:
Breakfast - yogurt with muesli or milk soup, boiled egg, a slice of corn bread.
Lunch - lean meat or fish, vegetable salad, any mess.
Dinner - fish, lean meats, fruits, green vegetables.
During the day, drink 2 liters of mineral water without gas, drink in small portions.

If you do not lie on the couch all day long live pasta.But they should be no dips and no fatty sauces.Use pasta meal, they bring much more benefit.From canned food - vegetables, sauces, meat should be discarded, they are poor in minerals and vitamins, so harmful and useless.Eat less red meat and replace it with chicken and fish.They have no calories and unhealthy fats, according to the actress.And if you refuse fries in favor of the original salad, the dinner or lunch, become healthier and tastier.

The skin is a mirror of health
Today, if you care for your skin, thus you are working on the future, as the woman with good skin looks great at any time.Women with oily skin lucky for her later wrinkles.But because of the excess fat they enjoy strong lotions and creams, all this leads to the fact that the skin is not as oily, but if out of habit to use those same tools for oily skin can harm her.
Owners normal to dry skin in his youth is not particularly care for it, but that is the beauty of the gift, it should be kept, and skin moisturizing mask and various nourishing creams.

Sofia removes eye makeup with conventional oil, because the skin around the eyes is dry and soft.You can not use a cleanser is too cold or too hot water, it will lead to redness of the face and to the small blood vessels bursting.Skin care is not just a battery of bottles and jars in the bathroom.That the skin was supple and fresh you need a balanced diet, good sleep and daily exercises.No fatty foods, night vigils, nicotine and alcohol, otherwise your looks will be in jeopardy.

most beautiful Italian recommends cleaning the skin twice a day: in the morning - a light moisturizing cream, a night cream should be more nutritious.If you have sensitive skin and dry, it is better to avoid the water, use ice, while the eyes are clear, fresh skin and pores are tightened.If there is swelling, you need to make eye cotton swabs pre-soaked in cold milk or make cucumber slices.Around the eyes to put a cream with vitamin A, as it does not irritate the eyes and nourishes delicate skin of eyelids.

Evening cleansing - the removal of make-up.Done using children's cream or any vegetable oil.And that does not stretch delicate skin around the eyes, remove make-up circular lightly.From time to time it conducts a thorough cleaning of the face, it is possible for it to take a little bran, mixed with some light cream and massage the problem areas.Excellent effect gives a mixture of mineral oil and sea salt.After cleaning, so the skin can begin to masks.The simplest mask is oatmeal with water, but if you have very dry skin, you can replace the water with milk.

hands. groomed, beautiful hands, say more about you than the person.During washing dishes and cleaning, wear gloves, since detergents can cause allergies.Hot water can damage the skin and to protect it, it is necessary to keep the shell near each tube with a fat cream.

If you have brittle nails, often rub hand cream.Sofia holds several jars of cream - in her purse, the phone in the car.If you dial a number, use a pencil, it will keep your nails healthy and strong.His nails actress rarely paints prefer their natural color.You should know that dark varnish nails shortens and lengthens their light varnish.And if you have short nails, do not chase fashion, and paint them dark varnish.Never go out without gloves, and when you come home, you need to grease your hands with a cream, then they will always be in good shape.

hair was always in shape, you need to wash your hair when the hair is dirty, for the great Italian, quite 3 times a week.Wash your head should be careful not to damage the skin.After washing, it is necessary to use the balm, hair become obedient and easy to fit into any style.Hair occasionally require treatment with special penetrating balms.Each is a matter of taste, but Sophia Loren is not in the nature of a better means than olive oil.It perfectly nourishes the hair and protects them.To do this, heat the butter and a little good to rub into the scalp for a few hours before washing.

legs. There are no female legs that would not get tired towards the end of the day.Sophia is fighting for health and beauty legs in different ways.For stress relief is useful to roll a rolling pin feet, it enjoys a star, when he sits at the TV or with a book.It is useful to massage your feet, it should be done on a regular basis, because they are certain points that are associated with the internal organs.Thus, you increase blood circulation and helps the body to better cope with the responsibilities.When possible, you should let your feet rest, throws shoes and go barefoot.If you regularly walk on gravel or sand, the leg muscles will become strong and then be no need to rub your heels with pumice.Shoes should be comfortable in the first place, and only then elegant.It is useful to change the height of heels, so you are forced to work different muscles and ligaments of the lower leg and foot, and it helps to keep the harmony and flexibility of the feet.

P astyazhenie plus traffic
Sophia Loren missing their problem areas, she just knows how to work with them and working hard, patiently, and life.Of course, you need a balanced diet but also special exercises are also important, Lauren has its own method of exercise.

Most people do not like such a time as the awakening, and you start the morning with a pleasant exercise with stretching in bed.This exercise increases blood circulation, gives the body vitality and flexibility.It is important to learn to breathe deeply and uniformly stomach thus oxygen into the lungs and cleanses the blood.

During the day, you need to stretch the muscles, for this increased use of every opportunity to stretch your body - stretch to the ceiling, move your neck, bend your body to the left - right.Some stretching will not be enough to maintain physical fitness suit walking.It should not be lazy and vibrant, for about 15 minutes, and preferably only about an hour to make as follows inflamed muscles, quickening the pulse.On the problem areas to help special exercises 3 times a week after the morning stretches to the bathroom.For example, the abdomen after childbirth, gives much trouble.And there will not be saved Waist belt, you need to create a strong muscular belt.

a couple of simple exercises

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, heels on the floor.Strain the abdominal muscles, trying to keep the heel close to the body.Now sit on the floor, lean hands behind his back, in a position much more efficient than traditional bike.In fashion trousers to your hips could approach the ideal thighs, you need to work with them on a daily basis.To do this: lean left hand on the floor and pull your right leg to the side.Slowly squat on the left leg until it sank to the floor.In this position, you need to stay for five minutes, then slowly straighten up and repeat the exercise with the other leg already.Another exercise is simple: lie on your back, arms out to the side at shoulder level.Bend your left knee, straighten your leg and slowly lower it to his right on the floor.

Return leg slowly to the starting position without bending the knee.Now stand in his chair, put his left foot on the toe to the side and lead it back, not looking up from the floor, then to the side, with the exercise much strain buttocks.Exercise is good for the thighs, better to just lift the leg bent at the knee, then slowly rotated for a long time at the level of the stomach, so you train your muscle belt.

lot of grief deliver arms into the region from the elbow to the shoulder, where the muscles become flabby.This exercise will help to remedy this situation.It can be done anywhere: lean hips, arms bent at the elbows at the level of the shoulder blades.And lift your hands up until you get tired.Then change your position, this body bend forward and pull back straight arms to your forearms parallel to the floor appeared.In this position, shake hands, will be even more effective to close the hands of the castle.

To back was flexible and did not hurt, do the exercises for the lower back.Lying on your back raise, as close as possible to the chest bent knees.Clasp their hands, raise your head and knees to touch his forehead.This position must last a few minutes, then repeat again.According to the actress, if you give yourself even a few minutes a day, your figure and face changed for the better.Start today, because the beauty is that she had to fight for at least with himself.

We got acquainted with the secrets of beauty from Sophia Loren.Beauty, according to the actress, also depends on the mind, imagination and kindness, without it you will not be glamorous woman.The ability to be gentle, sensitive, kind, charming and always be a woman play an important role.To really love and respect yourself, you should not allow yourself to bad habits, every day struggle with disabilities, to take care of appearance.

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