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Toddlers ask many questions

it comes all at different times, this magical age "that?as?what for?and why? ".Someone in two or three years, someone at five, but the majority - about four.And ends with violent manifestations of global curiosity about six or seven years old ... or never.It's like someone lucky.Some got into school, get a lot of answers to questions that they have not even asked, and stop asking.Others continue to search for answers, but in a different way: dig on the Internet, read out to the holes encyclopedia, conduct experiments and build their own hypothesis ... Which scenario do you prefer?Probably the latter.To inquisitiveness kid grew into a research interest, you need to know and a lot more to do.

ideal age

hundred thousand "why" that arise in the mind of your toddler - a sign that he's ready for a full cognitive activity.The three - five years, most children have already formed the physical, mental, psychological and speech tools for this.Now the baby is able to articulate what interests him.And the natu

re of interaction with adults becomes different: to replace the practice of joint activities comes theoretical ranting.At this age, the child begins to understand that many things are not as simple as it seemed before, and trying to penetrate the essence of things by asking a lot of questions.But my own experience and knowledge it is not enough, so he's looking for an authoritative source of information.The main authority for him - you.Therefore you befalls an avalanche of questions.Answer!Meet with alternative sources, learn to find the facts and data everywhere.Remember, in 6-7 years, a person forms the basis of ideas about the world, open and pronounced abilities laid pattern of behavior and learning.That has formed the core of the personality.

Evolution issue

first baby formulates questions in the style of "it's me just say, thinking."As a rule, he does not ask directly, and ponders aloud about his interested object or fact."And why sparrows fly?Want to see everything? "Scarce as it does not require an answer, but for mom and dad is a signal: the house wound up howcast.Immediately begin to answer.It is not necessary to talk about the evolution of the animal world and the structure of the wing.The time for that will come.Now it is important just to keep the conversation: "I think it's really interesting to fly.And they are looking for their own food. "If after the first response spilled a lot of clarifying questions, all right.Tiny ask many questions you need to develop as needed.

not without a hint

Not all the "why" - a consequence of the cognitive needs of the toddler.Sometimes they talk about what ails the child, its internal problems.The fact that krohotuli not calm the soul, according to meaningless, in your opinion, the questions he repeated countless times, even when it was introduced absolute clarity."Why is the bed?" - Asks the baby."What nonsense are you talking about!" - Is responsible mother, and she continues to do their own thing.Or: "Where is our grandmother?" - The fifth consecutive repeats pipsqueak."I told you: in the country.Today arrive.Enough of this! "- The anger comes through in every word.Wait angry.Try to decipher the promises of the child.In the first case heard the following: "Pay attention to me," "Let's play!" And then, "Do you love me?" The second: "I want to talk about my grandmother.I missed her, "or" Can you see me? "The pronounced persistence indicates more and increased anxiety.Scarce to hear that in the last five minutes, nothing has changed, that all is well and the grandmother will come exactly.What to do?Drop everything and take time howcast.Cuddle, read, play, talk about my grandmother, after all.What she cottage that grows there, what kind of car it will come.Toddlers ask many questions simply to affirm your love for them.Bring harmony to the heart of the baby.

The benefits of the responses

Why molested howcast need to be taken very seriously?Well, that you are a source of knowledge, something even the engine of personal progress crumbs, you already know.But it turns out, answering questions baby, you also satisfy his need for respect!Like this!The fact that the child is cut out of the habitual reliance on visualization, once the realm of speculative reasoning, feels extremely insecure.And any lack of attention from parents, mockery or unwillingness to respond to hurt and angered.But when mom or Pan included in the conversation, and listen carefully to explain everything, crumbs think he even grew.It grew and his self-esteem.By the way, this contributes to the integrity of parents who are not ashamed to admit that they have no means encyclopedic knowledge.And offer together to seek answers.This line of conduct in general classroom.First, the baby will increase your credibility.Secondly, the toddler will understand that it is not holy pots and it can also be a smart as adults.Third, the child is simply to learn about other ways of data mining, and this is a real investment in its future.And further.Endless "why?" - A barometer of confidence in the crumbs to you.While they were there, he believes in your intelligence and ability to explain everything, all over to help.You reliable rear and support, you can come running to you with a problem and find a solution ... good arguments to spend your time and energy to the search for truth?Curiosity is easy to destroy.The recipe you know, do not answer, shrug, laugh at the "stupidity", emphasizing "absurd."How to stimulate?Ask yourself.Sometimes, for no reason, "Why do you have a nose?Why do you have white teeth?Where does the hippopotamus? "And while the kid is thinking of answers, have a rest and gather my thoughts before a new siege howcast a new question.

Go for the truth!

Not all the questions necessary to give ready-made answers.Much more useful and interesting to look for them together.

1. Answer a question with a question.Not always, but often.A good option - "Do you think something like?", "What do you think about this?»

2. Take into consideration all the hypothesis baby.Even the most fantastic.And pull themselves sometimes pushing, sometimes provocative."You say, baby wearing a fur coat to be warm?Or maybe he just likes the colors? »

3. argue, discuss, seek help from a variety of sources of information.You remember: in a dispute born truth.We need to realize this and a child.Then he will learn not to be content with little, and get down to the bottom of things.And this is a guarantee that your kid asks a lot of questions to good use.And howcast will howcast ... adults and important.

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