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How to grow from a boy to a real man

At birth, the boy is still on his fragile shoulders children immediately dumped the burden of responsibility: This is the heir, a successor of sorts, and a real man.The concept of a real man - a rather vague and, of course, everyone puts into it something of their own.But some characteristics are inevitably present - a man should be smart, strong, reliable and manly.Over time, the content and meaning of undergoing significant changes: if earlier it was believed that the appearance - not the main thing for a man, then today poorly dressed man is unlikely to be considered a "real".Similar changes were made and the definition of "fair" - today he prefer right "adventurous" and "resourceful", since one can not eat honesty.Therefore, parents must first define themselves - what they want from her son.If all education will be reduced to finding fault with "A real man does not do so," the result will be lamentable.After all, the child needs only constructive criticism - instead of saying that he does not need t

o explain how it should proceed.

Grow a Woman from the boy's difficult, because sometimes parents aware of the degree of responsibility, begin to teach a child from the cradle to the concept of "being a man", and as a result often punished and less pampered than girls.But no matter how the parents would like to believe that as a result of such "hardening" of their son will turn a man, it is not.The most common result of this education is the child neurotic.

So, what do you do to your son match your idea of ​​a real man, both from a boy to create a real man, who would be your joy and support in old age?While the child is small, be gentle and affectionate with him, excessive strictness in this case does not help to achieve the desired result.At the core of your relationship to her son and his relationship to you it should be first of all love.Subsequently, this model of relations will take the boy into adulthood - will be built because of his relationship with the girls.To an adult man, your son was a gentleman, he had become so still today.Explains and demonstrates his son that you are a woman, mother - and need his help and protection.Even the little boy is able to help you - carry a cup, bowl or apply something necessary.If there is a father - he also has to support you in this game.The father can explain to his son that they - men, and have as much care of their women.

more adult boy must necessarily give way to transport not only my mother, but also for other women and girls.Do not forget to praise his son, noting that it behaves like a real man and you're proud of them.Boys often praise means a lot - they are by nature more vulnerable than women, and need encouragement.In addition, boys are more demanding of themselves than girls - and every comment makes them even closer watch yourself.If he hears from parents only about their shortcomings, and all the good his actions go unnoticed, self-esteem of the child begins to plummet.In this case, the parents most importantly - do not go to extremes.Too many eulogies as bad as too many comments.Moody, a spoiled boy, confident its unparalleled, as far from the image of this man as a nervous child and scored, horrifying words each parent.

known that almost all the big bully boys, and parents often keenly watching the antics of her child, trying to raise a real man out of him, in time to prevent, protect against the dangers and take care.It also needed a golden mean - give your child a little freedom, he must learn to make their own decisions, to show courage and bravery.Your task - to explain the tomboy that is true courage, and what false.Give the direction of his actions, not demand unquestioning obedience, but make sure that the general direction of movement and action of the child was right.In this case, the most effective - the boy's upbringing by the example of his father, brother, uncle.If there are no men in the family - give it in the sports section, where the trainer is a man, or speak with one of their schoolteachers, with someone of his male friends.

For information about how to behave as a real man, boys are the easiest to learn from the lips of "living example".But in conversation "man to man" also has its own quirks.Most of the Pope can be heard the phrase "what are you Revesz, because you're a man" or "men do not cry."Boys after such phrases often begin to think that they are real men and turn in on themselves, embarrassed emote.But the tears and the notion of masculinity in any way unrelated.Let the boy expresses his emotions as he can.Eventually he will understand how to act.And now try to raise his manhood otherwise - let helping dad in the affairs of men - to bring gravity (for the child, of course, gravity should not be difficult, for example, bread from the store), to help with household chores dad.If there is a division in the family affairs in male and female, the child inevitably will bring the same model to their future family, and this can instill a child a false conception of masculinity, for example, help mom with the cleaning - no courage.It is much more correct is the model "who are free - and he does."In such a case, and mom and dad can attract malnkogo son, but a real man, a simple job - to wipe the dishes, clean the toys.

Do not forget to devote time to talk with his son.But let this conversation will not be just your monologue on the topic of how he should act.Now that you know how to grow a real man, because your task - especially to hear your child understand his feelings and to answer all his questions.The optimal form of conversation is a dialogue where the replica is not just a formality.It is important that the conversation was informative, interesting to you and your child.Then, in the sincerity of the relationship will be the best incentive for the development of male characteristics in your boy.

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