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Problems in the education of the child-parent family

efforts of one of the parent with whom the child will live, will need to make several times more to help their child overcome all the difficulties of growing up.Particularly acute effects of a split family feelings of the child between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.Family disputes and scandals, problems of raising a child, which usually take place a long time before the divorce, also undermine the balance and make him worry.Often, parents are in a rush transfer part of their negative energy on children, despite the fact that their motivations are the best, and they just sincerely try to isolate and to involve them in the solution of specific family problems.

Lack Pope child feels very strongly, not always easy, he puts all his feelings show.Caring father of the child is often understood as a rejection of himself and this complex can live with it for years to come, that's when the problems begin training in incomplete families abandoned by a parent of the kid.Financial difficulties forced the woman t

o go to work with high wages, and hence the high level of employment, which reduces her spare time to raise a child.Often in this situation, he has a sense of loneliness and abandonment, including his mother.

first time after the divorce, my father usually meets regularly with the child.It would seem that the problems of raising a child in a single-parent family should not be, because Dad is always there.

For him, this is just another thrill, because if the dad treats him with love, the separation of families is even more incomprehensible and painful to the same offense can wake up at my mother and distrust.In the case where the father is dry and communicate at a distance, the child may appear complex of guilt from the unwillingness to communicate with the parent.To all this together, parents can take revenge on each other, and it is very violates the psychological balance of the child.He may try to extract profit from differences unhealthy parents, forcing pamper yourself out of guilt of both parents.

relationship with friends at the child can often deteriorate due to the different nature of the issues, gossip and lack of willingness to answer questions about his father.Bad mood and experiences of mothers also reflected on the child, in its new status, it is much more difficult to continue to raise children at a high level.

What can you advise in this situation, to support the education of the child in a single parent family?The first thing to quietly talk to him on the souls on an equal footing, to explain the whole situation, to do this in a simple and accessible way, with no one to blame.Tell what happens, unfortunately, quite often, and that specifically your case will actually be better this way.We must honestly say to the child that it is a final decision, thereby save him from unnecessary worries and hopes.Increasingly rare visits to his father in time will constantly revive a sense of rejection, unfortunately, it is inevitable.The younger the child during the gap, the easier it is to leave him to his father.We must try to mentally prepare your child to the care of the pope.Avoid constant depending on your child, you need to help him to become independent adults, but keeping it at the same time.The most common mistake in this situation - excessive care and control of her son.

often possible to meet the woman's words: "I have sacrificed everything and lived only for you!" This is a dangerous mistake that many, with the result that can be grown completely unadapted to life, lack of initiative, indecisive man, for that all important decisions are alwaysI took the mother, because the problem of education superimposed on her personal life frustrated.

to consult parents who, for whatever reasons, come to divorce, so they think more about the future implications of the decision for children.Differences between the former spouses can, even if you want to solve more kindly and gently.Optional flaunt hatred and hostility towards each other.Father, who left the family, of course difficult to continue the education of the child.And if there are circumstances in which it can not positively influence their previous family, then in that case it would be more honest to make sure that she had forgotten to do, but to help their children financially.

Family structure is a very important and significant factor.If parents really love their children wholeheartedly, they will try to solve their differences in time and did not bring the matter up at the stage of breaking family.Thus, they do not put children in the most difficult position and will continue to co-education at the proper level, showing an example of a full and happy family.Now that you know how to avoid problems in the education of the child-parent family and to ensure the baby a full life.