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The father's role in parenting, counseling for parents

attention and love of a father-child is required, regardless of gender.This is a very good thing if the father has a lot of free time, which he can give to his son or daughter.But in most cases, I come home after work, dad wants to watch TV or read a book.Although, if we realize how necessary our attention to children.But do not play with the child without hunting.It would be better to pay crumbs for 10-15 minutes, and then explain that the Pope is tired and wants to rest.Most fathers tend to grow out of their child's true champion of what is called in every way, because of this, it becomes very difficult to just have fun with each other.The pope can at an early age begin to teach him to play basketball or football.If the father all the time would indicate a child on his minuses, it begins to seem that he was not able to perceive and learn.One guy will love the sport if he will remain self-confidence and the desire to engage in football.Praise Father's more important to him than the endless sticking and

instructions.The game of football - a great lesson, if it's a boy initiative, enhanced support for his father.The boy did not become a real man just because he was born with a male body.He is aware of himself as a man and behaved like a man, with the ability to inherit his father or older brother or an older boy with whom to communicate and spend time.He can imitate a man, which feels sympathy.When the father is constantly irritated and does not want to understand the actions of his son, the boy would probably feel uncomfortable in the company of his father, and among other men and boys.Such a boy will be easier to take an example and inherit his mother.That is, if the father wants his son to become a man, it is easier to relate to a child and did not blame him for playing with the girls, or when he is crying, and try to understand the crumbs and clearly explain to his son that needs to be done in order to achieve successin sports and in everything else.Dad with a positive attitude should spend time with his son, for him to understand that he is a friend and comrade.Father and son must have time for joint trips and hiking in interesting places.And of course, can not do without their male secrets and those who discuss only men.

boy role model - a father, but many do not realize that the girl's father plays another, no less important role in her upbringing.The girl does not take the example of his father, but his location strengthens its confidence.Dad must admire beautiful hair fashionable dress or girl or something that will make their own clever.When she grows up, Dad must show that he listens to it and, if possible, discuss it with their own affairs.And when the daughter grows up completely, it will appear the boys friends, at this moment it is important that the pope treated them well, or at least tolerable, if, in his opinion, the guy is not quite suitable for girls.When the girl's father to recognize the qualities that make him a real man, she will be ready for the big world, which is half of the men.Selecting a daughter in the future when it will be a girl, during her married life itself chosen largely depends on what kind of relationship she had lined up with his father during the formation of her personality.

most often fathers prefer violent games to children, by the way, children who fall on the soul.But children often overexcited by these games, why they are starting to have nightmares.It must be clearly aware that the age of 2 to 4 years old children tend to lose control over such emotions as fear, hatred and love.Small children do not feel the line between reality and fiction.If the father is played by a lion, the child at this time, and in fact considers his lion.It may be too negative effect on the child.Therefore, violent games should be good and short-lived, even if the child likes, and he asks for more.It is important that the games were not violent chases and fights, but just gymnastics.If your child will be very excited to be stopped immediately.Still it is necessary to say a few words about the joke.You should never taunt their child.Sometimes, angry at his son, the father replaces his indignation mockery.The child is humiliated.Our advice to parents, we would like to point out that the ridicule - is too strong a means of punishment for children of any age.

Here in general we have talked about the role of fathers in parenting, counseling for parents, hope was not in vain.

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