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Designer Kids: Puzzles, mosaics

for kids mosaic - a whole science lesson, which is much more complicated than ordinary paint.To pipsqueak understood all its charm, at first it is necessary to learn the tricks of drawing patterns from chips and pieces of paper.

only a plus!

Mosaic puzzle and developing child.But not all kids are ready to play them.Some of them need to pre-open "secret": it appears that fragments of the image can be created.An example of this magic is hardly indifferent crumbs.The main thing is not to lose momentum and support in malyutke interest in folding mosaic.Soon the gray or white box will masterpieces!

development of fine motor skills. Fingers are working very actively!And this is a guarantee that it improves the baby.It is believed that parts of the brain responsible for speech and movement of the fingers, closely linked.The child speaks little words?With the construction toy - puzzles and puzzle - can be turned into a tireless talker Silent!

Learning to reach the goal. Kid, creating in the mind of any

image and reproduces it on the surface.Piece by piece, chip for chip, he builds the desired picture.Through this lesson toddler learns perseverance, which is very important for small choleric and sanguine, and just active kids.

Improvement of artistic taste. Some kids from birth tend to beauty and other necessary time and facilities to experience it.Folding the images of the small colored pieces also helps first and second.Creating something new, kid works!

Puzzles - a mosaic in the form of cards

She is the most simple and accessible.It is especially good for the two-year.What is the advantage?Firstly, the pattern pieces (sometimes wooden) is sufficiently large.They can not be swallowed, it is difficult to lose, they are conveniently placed in the children's hands.Secondly, tot is always tends to end image (with the proviso that the parts need not too many).Typically, the set includes a board with the surface shown in the figure.Scarce enough to find the right parts and put each in its place.But in a game and have one drawback.Fantasy does not develop!Laying out each time the same pattern, the baby will soon begin to do it automatically.Although ... Fingers, it is still working!

Happens and magnetic puzzle.It is somewhat similar to that described above.But the difference is that a given image is not present, and therefore, the imagination works better!Details are attached simply, they are easy to rearrange.The undeniable advantage of this set is that the artwork is created on any metal surface.In the kitchen, my mother prepares a pipsqueak at this time puts on the refrigerator magnetic masterpiece!

Plain mosaic "with legs»

It will be interesting kids, which was two and a half years.Getting better to start with the large detalek, gradually moving to smaller.First, let the kid learns to stick the chips into the holes on the field, then - there is an image of a given picture.There is a mosaic

available even a year-old baby.It consists of a flat paper cards.Classes include:

- making a card

- toddler training game

Make a card with a child.Cut out of colored cardboard figures of different sizes.They must be connected to the slots and projections.We expand the children's designer on a flat surface facing up.Then explain to your child how to play.Let toddler connect cards to create some pattern.He did not find it pertinent details?No problem!You can create a three-dimensional image.After the circle is so similar to the sun, the square - on a chair, and of diamond shapes fairly easily put track.

Mom's School

Do not leave a child alone with a lot of chips and cards.Using the children's designer - puzzles, mosaic - is not always safe.Yes, and do something out of the pieces is always more interesting with his mother!

1. Buy a mosaic with a large field.Otherwise, the children's imagination simply nowhere to roam!Empty space for large colored detalek will be many!

2. The kid is not ready to come up with something of their own?Suggest to him, for example, to lay a flower.What?He will decide himself.Let the flower is blue or red - it does not matter.And do not tell the child that "these colors do not happen."

Z. Over time, increases the number of components in the set.The child grows up, and development needs - too.Just make sure that the details are not lost - then step on them bare leg, the child may be seriously hurt.

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