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Sexual rhythms of women and men

Regardless of our desires, we are subject to the laws of the universe as much as the rest of the world.These laws apply to all: stars, space, moon, sun.Our lives will also affect the annual cycles, solar activity, changing phases of the moon, a variety of magnetic fluctuations.This occurs during the month and day.

Sexual rhythms person also subject to the same forces that govern human activity and sleep.Sexual desire is there because of the development of the necessary hormones, and it depends on the above-mentioned forces of nature.

According to psychologists, a man and woman are so different from each other, it is quite possible to think that we are from different planets.Of course, can be the difference between us is not so great, but psychologists and sexologists agree that sexual rhythms of men and women differ significantly.

Considerable importance is also a way of life and education.Yet to a large extent, our libido is dependent on the cycles of hormonal reactions in our body.Differences in se

x hormones are obvious: a man - is testosterone, and in women - estrogen and progesterone.Testosterone is also present in women, but in very small quantities.

What factors determined the sexual rhythms of women

First of all, they are subject to the monthly cycle.The lunar cycle of 28 days, and it affects the whole life of a woman.The list includes mood, health, well-being and sexuality.Hence, scientists have long concluded that the female menstrual cycle should be 28 days.In this case, sexual desire is distributed like this:

In the period from 1 to 5 days is very low levels of progesterone and estrogen.Because of this attraction to a man we do not have sexual desire almost there.During this period, even the most passionate women do not pay attention to the strong half of humanity, and themselves cease to attract the attention of men.

During the next week, increased levels of estrogen and sex drive begins to gradually increase.However, the peak of progesterone level falls between 14 to 21 day cycle.During this period (after ovulation) a high level of estrogen, which has a positive effect on a woman.And it's not just physiology.

In this period exacerbated all of the women.The level of mental activity, exacerbated by sight, smell becomes more sensitive to smells.It also affects the behavior of women.They tend to be more seductive and attractive.The composition of pheromones is also subject to changes in this period.Man subconsciously feels these changes in a woman, if it is set on it.At this time, it is quite likely love at first sight.

Sexual desire may wane, and, conversely, expressed in violent bursts of passion in a period of 22 to 27 day menstrual cycle.Whatever it was, but the majority of women in this period of poor control of their emotions.This period sexologists and psychologists called premenstrual syndrome.During this period the woman is better not to tease ...

Sexuality in men.Sexual rhythms of men and their sexual behavior

What can be said about male sexuality?What is the nature of sexual behavior and status and in men?Nature decreed that "critical days" men do not have.But they are also subject to cyclical rhythm.

behavior of men, sexy, attitude determines the level of testosterone.This level varies during 22 days.To track the cycle on the order of men harder than women.This can be traced back to about behavior.If testosterone levels are low, then the man will be manifested apathy, tendency to apathy.A man can easily offended, it solutions are difficult.And sometimes it can be a lack of initiative in general.

If you type patience and wait 11 days, then all will be back to normal.Note wise woman, these days you can support a man, including with regard to food.It should feed him of such products, which will contribute to the return of his courage and determination.It is possible that this was a determining factor in the famous expression that the way to a man's heart unapproachable passes through his stomach.

Men also fall under the influence of the annual or seasonal cycle.Scientists have noted that the peak level of testosterone in the spring (March) and autumn (October-November).

There are also significant differences in the diurnal cycle in men and women.Experts say that the natural distribution of the peak of a woman's sexual activity in 22 hours and male - at 7 am.Men's activity at this time rises to 20%, and after 2 hours it just rolls over, 50% higher than the norm.

What remains to do, if at this time we were just getting ready to start the working day doing cooked breakfast, we collect their children to school?..

Throughout the day increases the level of sex hormones, and to about 16: 00 suited is the best time to make love.However, the question: how to arrange it?Remember the words of the beloved heroine of the movie Ryazanov, "... but I can not leave work right now!..".

working day, many coming to an end at 18: 00, but the level of sexuality and desire, too, loses its power.By 22 pm and 7 am sexy again be normal, but at different times in a woman and a man ...