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Why during sex, there is pain and discomfort?

Women are highly sensitive in the genital area.They react even to the slightest touch.While most of us do not feel pain during sex, though this problem exists.Sometimes, the pain occurs in the vicinity of sexual organs and makes life not only during sex, but after it, causing discomfort when urinating.What are the causes of pain, how to deal with this?Discuss?

Too much stress

Very often the cause of the problem is vaginismus.This disease has a psychoneurotic nature, is directly linked with the internal mood and psychological condition of the woman.Nervous environment associated with the presence of constant tension, anxiety and fear is able to completely deny a woman the ability to enjoy sex.Women suffering from vaginismus, usually so tense, that the walls of her vagina narrowed much as possible.This makes it impossible for the normal sexual intercourse or gynecological examination by a doctor.The constant problem - a complete lack of lubrication, causing pain.And this despite the fact that a wom

an may want to close myself, wait for it, but not being able to get rid of the pain.During sex, all the while there is discomfort.

What to do? Before having sex, try to relax and unwind.If the internal voltage is too high, then drink tea with lemon balm or take a sedative.Try to breathe deeply, focusing on the breath.It is known that the body and mind are interrelated.When you are nervous, your breathing accelerates.

Activate internal reserves.Breathe slowly and deeply, resulting in a general relaxation occurs.It is also important in intimate situations to provide fun and relaxation for both himself and for the partner.Take part in the weasel, do erotic massage each other, react to embrace.

not enough estrogen

Pain during sex may be associated with vaginal dryness.Women suffer from it especially sharply during menopause.Lack of lubrication makes it difficult, and sometimes makes it impossible sexual act that causes pain and discomfort during sex.You do not need to think that a woman in menopause suffer from vaginal dryness.It is also in chronic infection and when a woman is violated hormones, regardless of age.Vaginal dryness can occur if you are very tired or subconsciously when you have no desire to have sex.

What to do?Moisturize vagina further.There humectants into a jelly or gel, a pH neutral for the genitals.If you have an ongoing problem of vaginal dryness, you should have on hand lubrication, moisturizers that gently and safely ease your love life.If the reason for the lack of estrogen, it is possible to resort to hormonal therapy.

Poor hygiene

pain and discomfort during sex can also indicate vaginal infections - bacterial or viral.They make the walls of the vagina or vulva thinner and more susceptible to any injury.It is for this reason that a woman may experience pain.If pain persists during the entire sexual intercourse, be sure to make an appointment with a gynecologist.

What to do? sure to go to the gynecologist and make sure that there are no signs of the disease.Run genital infections can not be!They may spill over into the chronic form, and then the cure takes longer weeks and years.

If you are not sick, learn how to implement the hygiene of the genital organs.Use special detergents with the addition of lactic acid bacteria, which is a natural vaginal flora.The use of lactic acid bacteria - this is important and necessary, especially after antibiotic treatment.

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