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Causes of sexual coldness (frigidity)

origin of the word begins with the Latin frigidity frigidus, which means "cold."This disease is considered to be a very serious problem.According to various studies, some degree of frigidity can be observed in 40% of the fair sex.

Manifestations frigidity may be different.Some women experience discomfort during intercourse, so they avoid it.Some women may experience more or less pleasant, but at the same orgasmic pulses are absent.Frigidity can also be either constant or periodic.

There manifestation of frigidity, when a woman like flirting with men, she wants to please, and yet it is completely indifferent to the sexual contact.

Married women who suffer sexual coldness, often feel the moral satisfaction of intimacy with her husband, and what they can deliver a favorite treat.However, the physical manifestations of sexual intimacy (hugs, caresses, kisses) left them virtually untouched.Such women are more practically no erotic dreams, and they have no need for masturbation.

determine the diagnosis of

frigidity can only be a qualified sexologist.In the first place, to this end, women need to pass a special examination.The initial step will be to identify the causes of problems.Everything else should consult with specialists such as gynecologist, endocrinologist and other. This makes it possible to eliminate the causes related to physiology.A psychologist in turn will help identify psychological factors.

Probable cause frigidity

most frequent sexual coldness (frigidity) are the result of complex reasons, which are divided into psychological, somatic and microsocial.

Quite often, the disease may be accompanied by psychopathy, endogenous depression and psychosis.Frigidity susceptible women who are prone to excessive suspiciousness, indecision, shyness, and that fix their attention on negative emotions.

Common causes of frigidity - is trauma, which can be obtained as a result of attempted rape, or painful defloration.In addition, a woman may be afraid of bad publicity or the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy.

If a woman has an orgasm, she can pay it too much attention, which may also be a cause of frigidity.However orgasm often does not occur due to blockage of nerve impulses.Such an impulse excitation in the case should be submitted to the appropriate part of the brain that is the cause of muscle contraction - orgasm.

Because of constant worries and fears some cases just the characteristic of "closure", which contributes to the momentum of the precipice.

Physiological causes may occur in cases of neurohormonal disorders.It may be ovarian dysfunction, androgen deficiency, or loss of deep structures of the brain.A common cause of frigidity are gynecological and sexually transmitted diseases.

Postinfective fatigue, beriberi, a strong physical and mental fatigue can also affect the temporary weakening or lack of sexual desire and, as a consequence, frigidity.Also, the reason may be in different segmental lesions of the nervous system.

Record the number of cases in which there is frigidity due to abnormalities in the development of reproductive organs and gynecological diseases associated with inflammation.

One of the most common causes of female frigidity sexual acts ignorance and laziness or inexperience partner.There are cases when men do not know how to excite a woman, that she was ready to have sex.Either they do not have the desire to do it properly.

An important factor is the education.In order to have a well-formed girl sexuality in the first three years of her life she should be given maximum attention and affection.In addition, education may be too strict.These pupils grow up and sandwiched shy.

Methods for treating frigidity

First you need to acknowledge that frigidity is a disease that must be treated.In cases where an expert determines the physiological disorders, the treatment should be directed at their elimination.

For successful treatment of frigidity caused by mental health problems, be sure to desire women.And it's a long process.In some cases, a course of treatment for both partners.Sexologist can be used as a medical and psychological techniques, and acupuncture and physiotherapy.

important point in the course of psychological treatment is a positive personal contact with the patient doctor.In this case, it is important to trust a specialist.

In the arsenal of the doctor also has sexological simulators.They help to relax the vaginal muscles, and the skills of possession of his body.Such abilities are help in regulating their mental state during sex games.

Getting rid of frigidity is an important aspect for the full life of the woman.Many people know that the absence of sexual relations negatively affects the whole body of woman.This gives a good basis for the development of all sorts of physical ailments.At the same time a woman is exposed to a depressive state and self-esteem is greatly reduced.

ways of preventing frigidity

Do not ignore a means of preventing frigidity.For this purpose, it is necessary to create an environment that will promote the maximum liberation of both partners.

Avoid haste, get rid of the fear of pregnancy and the fear of being caught in the wrong time.A woman should love your body, and not be ashamed of it.A man, in turn, if necessary, should devote much time to foreplay and well-known places of erogenous zones in a woman's body.Also, scientists have proved that masturbation before sexual activity reduces the risk of frigidity three times.

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