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The quarrel as an excuse for sex

And after a while it becomes a very different, almost unmanageable, and then begins to scandals and constantly yelling at you.Blame: too hot soup, can not find the socks, and even that he was in trouble at work, too, you are to blame.As a result, you do not stand up and respond to the provocation, violently scandals in which he draws you into bed.And most surprisingly, after the scandal he has shown extraordinary ingenuity and tireless in sex, although usually it is not so in bed.How to explain it?

Most psychologists call people for whom the quarrel reason for sex - gnevogolikami.For girls who joined their lives with these, there are two pieces of news, as if it does not sound corny, but good and bad.

Let's start with the bad.Gnevogoliki something similar to fetishists.Only the latter are excited by underwear, toys and other things, as an angry type of men - from the scandals.And if at some point find that argument encourage them better than any preliminaries, will soon take place Preludes quarre

l.Your problem is that after a while you will not experience sexual desire, because that gets your man - you will not start.A refuse you just do not have the strength.You can, of course, to see a specialist, who by means of suggestion "correct" sexuality script will try to help.But even long conversations in his office often end with a return to the past scenario sex.

good news is awareness of the problem of man and wants to fix it.Such gnevogoliki treatable.And most importantly, not all of your sex scandals come to an end, most of them you stop a quiet conversation.

Science "sexology" this phenomenon has given some other name - "Nero complex."Nero - a Roman emperor, who used the quarrels and cries to enhance their sexuality.After a tumultuous scandal Emperor saw his wife - a stranger, that is, before it had a new sexual partner, which attracted a lot stronger than his wife.Psychologists explain this phenomenon is the increase of testosterone during a quarrel, which contributes to increased emotional arousal.

some gnevogolikov problem lies in the fact that they have a teenage dream of "fallen" women.It is no secret that the image of obedient excellent pupil rarely excites men, but girls are frivolous cause uncontrollable desire.But as a rule, spend time with one man, and get married on quite different, honest and sweet.The problem comes when a man begins to realize that his decent wife does not cause sexual desire in him.With the fear that he had lost his masculine features, it goes to the first got "moth" and immediately understands that everything is in order, because the problem is not in it, and his wife.Many men learned of this incompatibility, a few years later moving away from their wives, and some loving his wife, looking for all possible ways, so excited by his wife.And during the next quarrel, they discover that the wife is in the role of a rebel - the most sexy image, and then the well-known scenario.They tighten a woman in bed, and every subsequent time they use a quarrel as an excuse for sex.Not thinking about what he thinks the second half of such preludes.

Perhaps the quarrel as an excuse for sex sounds interesting and tempting, if - it happens unexpectedly, spontaneously and rare.In other cases, a man crippled psyche wife violent foreplay, and quite often are aware of it.They are trying to compensate for his cruelty affection and care in everyday life, sometimes even expensive gifts.

Psychologists say that this kind of as gnevogoliki generally negative attitude toward women.They test them mistrust, misunderstanding, anger and aggression.The reason for this can be a lonely upbringing loveless father or mother.As a result, the child grows misogynist.But as from women in general, he can not give up physiologically, he begins to mock her in bed.In other words, the structure of the psyche gnevogolikov consists of two components: 1) hostility toward women in general 2) sexual weakness

If you are unlucky and have to share a bed with gnevogolikom, keep in mind that your silence will not be regarded as gold.After choosing a partner, and you could not imagine that there exists a "happiness."In a short time, we got used to it, but after they learned about his addiction, can not part with it?Then do not worry if over time, having exhausted all the topics for quarrels, he will begin to scold you for absurd things.Do not wrinkle iron lady herself, any woman with a long hand over the position of bullying and escape.If you want to stay, then you need to look for exits.

To start, determine the root of the problem, that is, what type of your man.If you are too honest and not allow yourself extra bed (different posture, oral sex), then your man can still be saved.The problem rather lies in you, and you, as the wise woman should analyze their mistakes.If you see that your husband prefers tighter caress, then show that you are ready to carry out his own whims and without quarrels.Wear beautiful clothes and behave defiantly.Soon he realizes that as an excuse to quarrel already be outdated.

If your man is a misogynist, then you will be much more difficult to change something.To begin with, show that you love him and will never betray, make him trust, and even better tell me what you want from a child.Of course, the break of such a man will not be easy, but possible.As an alternate method, refer to a specialist.And do not give up too early, because everything can change.As an incentive for you to let the fact that gnevogoliki - it's not such a frequent and well-known phenomenon, and therefore - the problem has a solution, otherwise women are not silent about it.

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